Forever My Love Caitlin COLEMAN'S storyboard and research

1- 1920's New York outside the club. A couple dancing outside making their way to the car as rose petals appear where they have just walked leaving a trail. Name of actor appears in the corner of the screen. They get in the car and everything flies off screen apart from the car to reveal next scene.

2- The couple drive down a New York street bobbing their head to jazz music. the traffic lights changing colour. Names of actor appear in corner of screen. Every thing flies of the screen to reveal next scene

The car moves across the New York skyline at night while lights on the building turn off. Name of Actor appear in corner of screen. Skyline falls to reveal next scene.

4- The car is in space, stars are moving. The car suddenly drops and crash noise plays. 'Forever My Love appears where the car was.



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