Elizabethan Era Fashion for Wedding's by: hayley and abelia


Woman Attire (Upper class): They would buy new dresses that would fit the wedding style. The gowns were not allowed to be revealing and the bride was not allowed to wear yellow. White was rarely worn at wedding but upper class women sometimes did. The materials they worn were satin and silk.

Upper class

Woman Attire (Lower class): They would wear the best clothes they owned. They also did not wear yellow or white. They did not go out and buy a new dress they wore best dress and kirtle. The reason why they did not buy new dresses was because they did not have enough money for it. Most of their clothes was worn or tornM

Lower class

Men's Attire (Upper/Lower class): Males wore the same attire they would if they were lower class. The only difference is that upper class attire was new and made out of fancy fabrics. The color the males wore were depended on what the family thought they should wear. They couldn't have worn any color and had to make sure it was appropriate.


Woman/ Men's Attire: guests could pretty much wear anything they owned .Woman wore their hair down with classic everyday clothing. Males wore anything they owned, sometimes it was nice and sometimes it wasn't. It all depended on the social class you were in.


Planning: There wasn't much planning in a wedding, everyone from the town would go so you didn't need invitations and most of the weddings were the same thing. The only thing you had to plan was what flowers you wanted in your hair and surrounding you. Also, colors of certain things.

Other information:

  • Lower and upper class were not allowed to marry each other
  • Once a woman was married the husband owned them
  • Marriages were arranged by wealth and reputaion
  • Gifts were rarely offered
  • Wedding had to be held 3 times before it was official
  • Couples met for the first time at their wedding
  • Were a religious ceremony done by a minister
  • The first stage of marriage was "crying the banns", that's still relevant in England today
  • You didn't always have to have a ceremony you could have a pre-contract

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