Luft Vandrare Highschool "With beating hooves and hearts of gold, making lives into something bold."

To encourage the creative mind to flow, embrace the immaturity in us all, and spread our wings proudly into the unknown future.

Our physical learning environment

Main Entrance Way
  • When entering our school, we have 3 floors, each with a commons area that includes couches, tables, chairs, a TV, fridges/microwaves, board game table, puzzle table, and a place to work on art. Studying, working on homework, or even out of class assignments are all much better when in a cozy area. A place of peace and quiet and even some fun events! You can even take your lunch there if the crowded cafeteria life isn’t for you. A place to hang that is cozy, compatible, and lets your mind think when doing projects and such.
  • Floor 1 has an Olympic swimming pool, floor 2 has a gymnastics/ parkour styled gymnasium, and floor 3 has a sports designed gymnasium. It is important to know there are many different ways to be physically active, and everyone is different. Being yourself means choosing what’s right for you, your lifestyle, and your interests! Not a sports fan? Try some parkour or gymnastics! Not flexible? Try multiple different sports of your choosing! Love swimming? Master all different styles or just play fun water games. Not the active type?
  • The first floor also has a giant music room where even outside class you can go into practice, second floor has a art hall in which you can attend art classes and do your own projects, and third floor has a computer zone for classes in coding, video game design, photography, video directing, and more.Express all your creative needs with music classes for all instruments, art classes for all types or creative work, and computers for anything technologically interesting! Express yourself and build! Enjoy and share what you have to offer as a person, for you are a creative being waiting to shine.

On our second floor, there is a wide spread cafeteria surrounded by multiple restaurant booths such as: Subway, Dairy Queen, Tim Horton´s, a school cooked canteen, and more. Anything bought is earned by student points which you earn for surpassing a certain grade percentage, getting a high score on a test/project/assignment, or by volunteering in a club or activity around the school. It’s important to have choices, and an area of comfort to eat meals alone or with your friends. And there is many more healthy options than unhealthy as well. Instead of bringing your own meal buy a warm or fresh meal for a very reasonable price. The student points work as a motivator. Who doesn’t love free food? Eating well helps you to focus more and maintain good health, so this way you won’t miss lunch and spend the day sick or out of sorts.

Classroom chairs

All classrooms include at least one or two couches, multiple tables each with 4-6 comfy chairs, and a microwave or fridge, as well as smart board, overhead, and a teacher’s desk also with a comfy chair. All classes on the third floor have a dome shaped skylight to adjust temperatures comfortably, let in light, and let students gaze at the sky for relaxation and fun. Comfort is good for the thought process. Learning is better when you are more focused, but how can you focus when your back hurts from a stone chair? Also working feels easier to do when in comfort. Especially for the teacher! They need much comfort after teaching our future generation of explorers so that they can continue the great work they are doing for our students. The aspect of allowing in light is also very important to us. Letting  light in brightens people’s moods, whether to wake them up in the morning, make them feel more comfort from the sun, or to just calm the nerves when they can look up and see the beautiful sky. Even on rainy days you can watch the sky change, rainfall, lightning. There´s also blinds to close the window when needed.

Classroom 315 sky light

Our teachers

As a teacher of our establishment, we have the highest expectations for you!

  • Teaching to the best of your abilities is a must. As well as maintaining student passing level, making each lesson feel valuable and fun, making sure students get proper treatment when having issues, keeping students inline, and most important, respect. We are the ones sending these children off into the world to become someone new, we have to make sure we shape them properly. No class here is deemed unpassable, and anything is possible from teacher support!
  • Our extra curricular teachers are just as important! You must be engaging, energetic, fun, thoughtful, and participation based. Make sure to include everyone, and give everybody who wants to try a chance!
  • Attitude is everything! Make sure to approach every day with positivity, an open minded, possibility to expand learning, and know that no one is a failure. This goes for both courses and student interaction. Make sure to enjoy some fun with your students, but don let them get too out of hand. Correct punishment is aloud, but no violence will be tolerated within this rule. We have our vice-principal who watches over our teacher for rudeness, bad attitudes, boringness, failing students (he evaluates why theyŕe failing), why a student has been punished, why a student is upset with a certain teacher.

Student Code of Conduct

1. Students must be respectful of school property during and after class times. All damaged property will be paid for by students whether through volunteer work or out of pocket.

2. Students are expected to show maturity, which means showing respect for teachers, guests, other students, and during presentations, assemblies, and other events.

3. Though your teachers are to help you through your learning journey, you must be willing to carry your own weight as well and give it your all. You must prove responsibility among yourself, and help will be returned when needed.

4. Our school is a learning environment. Though we are not completely strict on our dress code, please be respectful of your own body and others around you. Clothes that are too revealing will be looked into by a teacher for proper judgement.

5. Showing up to class is not a hard thing to ask for. Missing too many will result in a drop of grades, and put you back behind your peers. Sickness, injury, and other circumstances are accepted when office is notified by a parent or guardian, but after missing excessive amounts of class time your parents will be notified by a teacher, and brought in to discuss a better learning plan for you.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The main reason students often fall behind is due to being afraid to reach out. It does not make you ‘stupid’ or any less of a person. We all need a little push to get our wings flying.

7. Animals are tolerated in side of school if you receive an Animal Pass from a school secretary, but are to be kept in an appropriate place during class time so they do not become a distraction. Animal(s) must be on a harness/leash or in a holding facility and all waste must be cleaned by owner. If animal causes injury to any other person, it is not the school’s responsibility.

8. All students enrolled in sporting teams and events are expected to pay applicable fees in cash, not student points. This also goes for music and art related events/classes, and also applies to trips, and out of school events.

9. All students who can maintain a 80% student average throughout a semester do not have to write nor show up for the final exam.

10. Drugs, alcohol, and weapons of any kind will not be tolerated. We are a school of peace, therefore any violent acts at all will not be aloud, and can result in suspension, being expelled, and possible criminal charges.

Our students' effects on decision making

Our students are given a fairly medium to high opportunity of decision-making. All our courses and activities are built on student feedback. With monthly polls, and the opportunity of suggestions of any sort to be submitted, we feel a school should be shaped based on the people in it. Our community is always changing, with new class options, restaurants, extracurricular activities, and sports teams. All decided by you! Even certain subjects brought upon in classes can have a vote on what the students feel is most important for them to learn for that time being. But with that, that does not state that students have absolute control. The staff are our most important crew to decide on subjects, classes, events, and much more. All students must respect the decisions of the adults in our school environment and learn to work not against them, but with them. Together, students, teachers, and staff, create one happy family. Fillies, colts, and all!

Basic required courses

1. English or Creative writing

2. One type of art (Drama, visual, or music)

3. One type of physical class (Swimming, gymnastics, parkour, or fitness/sports)

4. History or Social

5. Basics of Life

Some of our school exclusive classes

Fantasy studies- Mythical legends, creatures, stories, and history ranging from Greek mythology to modern crypt creatures. It's fun to learn about these things for interest purpose, educational, and opening the mind to more possibilities.

Animal studies- Learning about all different types of creatures from around the world around every edge. For people interested in animals, how they work, how they survive, and how to care for them.

Parkour- The art of climbing, flipping, and doing stunts from sets, buildings, and obstacles while in a fast pace. Puts fun into fitness and builds great coordination skills and stamina for real life events.

*Students have their votes looked into at the end of each year to bring in new classes and discard old ones that were not a good asset to our school.*

Our school mood and purpose/beliefs

When a new student walks into this school, they feel a sense of belonging. A homing sense that draws you here when you crave adventure, or creativity, or family. We want to be your home away from home, a place of joy, relaxation, and where you can give it your all.

Students at this school are engaged because we keep their best interests in mind. Students are here for a reason, why should their time here be miserable? Our classes, physical atmosphere, and staff are all catered to things that benefit students lives. Giving an opportunity for not just a few possible things a student might want to do in their future, but many! Our lives are too short to be trapped in a loop, why not discover yourself by trying it all?

Feeling a sense of belonging is our number one priority. When you don’t feel safe, happy, or comfortable, you clearly will not want to give school your all. Feeling like you belong here makes it easier, and feel less like work but more like fun that is shaping you for your future.

Having opportunities to be creative is also very important. You are the only one who knows you best. Choosing what you feel fits you best and will help you grow is our main priority. If you’re not doing something you have an interest in, clearly you will not excel at it. You can create your own learning plan that works for you. As long as it's accessible with the teacher, and is reasonable enough to help you.

We also believe having opportunities to try out many different courses so you can figure out what you are good at and want to do after high school. It’s your future, why should we choose your classes for you? Then you’ll never be prepared fully. And maybe even after school is finished you won’t have any clue what you want to do, but having the experience in many different things helps to give you better ideas, because it’s easier to know something then know nothing.

Thank you for taking an interest in our facility, for more information please contact our head office during business hours.


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