Reopening Playbook Stanford Redwood City Recreation and Wellness

The Stanford Recreation and Wellness reopening playbook borrows from the Principles and Stages of Recovery of the overall Cardinal Recovery plan. As such, each phase is designed to scale up or down based on the environment and public health context in each particular Cardinal Recovery stage. Information for each stage and Phase will be re-examined as new information is acquired and no stages will accelerate beyond county and state recommendations. The playbook will be supplemented as a website that will hold the most up to date information regarding reopening.

The well-being of all patrons and employees is our top priority! Please be advised that current protocols are subject to change, at any stage, due to the evolving nature or the state and local response to the global pandemic. Everyone is expected to abide by California, Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, and Stanford University Health mandates.

  • Anyone not feeling well or having any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or other viral illnesses should not enter or participate in programs at the Recreation and Wellness Center.
  • Anyone asked to social distance should be receptive and comply with anyone enforcing compliance.
  • All participants are required to wear a face covering that stays in place and covers mouth and nose, when entering the Recreation and Wellness Center and participating in Recreation and Wellness activities.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this time of transition back to full-time operations.


  • Staff are required to complete and pass the Stanford Health Check an hour prior to coming to work.
  • An adequate number of staff will be provided to allow for proper oversight of activities.
  • Staff will be provided training: “COVID-19 Hygiene Best Practices” and have a STARS Code of “EHS-2470-WEB.”
  • Staff will be provided with adequate face covering and required to wear at all times when working and in the facility.
  • Staff will receive training specific to COVID related changes specific to the Recreation and Wellness Center, including response to incidents requiring victim care.

The Facility

Operation Hours

The SRWC will be open Monday - Friday, 7am - 8pm. There will be 2 - 3 hour time frames with 1 hour shutdown for each use area.

Communication and Signage

Communication on what the participants can expect and are expected to do while at the Recreation and Wellness Center will be provided through email, website, and on Slack.

Signage will be posted in appropriate locations based on University Recovery Guidelines and Recreation and Wellness specifics. This includes the “stay safe” main entrance sandwich board signage.

Cleaning and Hygiene

  • Cleaning will be provided by center staff and UG2 in between use and a deeper clean will occur during the scheduled hours of shutdown.
  • Each participant will be provided their own spray bottle and towel for use during their visit. Gym Valet Cleaner is the solution that we will use for cleaning. (see MSDS)
  • Participants will clean the space/equipment they use prior to and after use.
  • Sanitization stations will be placed in various locations to encourage use before, in between, and after activity.

Scheduling and Reservation

Reservations will be required for all areas/activities of the Recreation and Wellness Center including but not limited to weight and cardio room, fitness’/contemplation garden, contemplation studio, and pool to assist in managing for capacity and social distancing.

Reservation Rules

  • All reservations MUST be made in advance via our online reservation system. Walk-ins & guests are not permitted.
  • Due to limited operating hours, there may be a limit to the number of reservations allowed per area and week.
  • An individual’s assigned space must be used by one individual at a time and they will be expected to vacate the area 10 minutes prior to the end of their reservation time.
  • Cancelations must be made two hours prior to an individual’s reservation or their reservation privileges may be suspended.

General Rules

  1. Patrons may participate during their reservation time and in their designated space/area (60 min block) and must leave their space 10 minutes before time expires.
  2. Patrons are allowed entrance into the facility at their reservation time, no earlier.
  3. Face coverings are required indoors and outdoors except when swimming.
  4. Sneezing or coughing must be done into one’s elbow or cloth/tissue, which can be discarded in regular trash. Wash hand immediately after handling.
  5. Spitting is not permitted at any time.
  6. Congregating around the facility is not allowed.
  7. A minimum of 6 feet or more physical distancing between individuals must be maintained in all areas of the facility.
  8. Patrons are strongly encouraged to bring their own water bottle, exercise mat, towel, and swimming equipment.
  9. Individuals must keep all personalized equipment with them or in their designated area.
  10. SRWC will not provide users with borrowed equipment at this time.
  11. Swimmers must avoid hanging on the wall for an extended period of time directly next to another swimmer.
  12. Patrons expected to wipe equipment before and after use.

General Program Area Controls

  • Each space will be managed with markings and signage to control for social distancing
  • Equipment that is difficult to clean will be removed from areas. This includes but is not limited to med balls, exercise mats, mini bands, and swimming equipment. This equipment will be put away in storage and provided to participants indefinitely.
  • Equipment will be moved, marked or removed to create appropriate spacing.
  • Cardio equipment will be spaced to accommodate appropriate social distancing protocols.
  • Areas will be appropriately staffed to promote appropriate spacing and cleaning.
  • High traffic doors will be propped open.
  • Furniture in common spaces will not be available for use.

Program Areas and Use

Areas Available at Reopening

We will open the center with access to the weight/cardio room and equipment, pool, meditation studio, and fitness garden that promote self-directed activities.

Additional Areas Available

Other areas/activities will be activated in a phased approach to manage growing from small group activities to larger group activities.

Outdoor Use

Some equipment and activities will be moved to an outdoor space to allow for better ventilation and spacing.

Pool Use

Lanes will be used by one swimmer at a time to maintain social distancing. Family swim is not available at time of re-opening.

Amenities Statements & Rules

Locker Rooms

Lockers and changing areas will be unavailable for use at this time so we strongly encourage patrons to keep a watchful eye on their personal items and suggest bringing the fewest items necessary.


Showers are not available, we highly encourage swimmers to arrive dressed ready for activity and shower at home after leaving the facility.


Only cleaning towels will be available for use. Please bring your own towel for the pool.

Water Fountains

Only the refillable, non-touch water refill will be available for use. Please bring your own container to refill.


Individuals are permitted to bring their own equipment for personal use, and they must not be shared. No SRWC Recreation and Wellness borrowed equipment is available at this time.