Are the Olympics About More than Sports? By guilianna laurain

The Olympics are said to have begun around 776 BCE in Olympia, Greece. The ancient Olympics took place every four years and only lasted for one day. However, the Olympics began to last for multiple days later on.

The ancient Olympics had events that included the long jump, boxing, javelin, running, horse racing, and an event called pankration which was a hybrid between boxing and wrestling. Only free male citizens could compete in the Olympic events

The modern Olympics are held for a longer period of time instead of the ancient 1 day period of the ancient Olympics. The Modern Olympics also allow people from different genders and races to compete.

There is a philosophy related to the Olympics. Olympism. Olympism is a philosophy that is based on the interaction of the body, will, and mind. This philosophy is what makes the games unique.

The IOC have three Olympic values. Exellence, friendship, and respect. These Olympic values are vital to Olympism and the Olympics.

The Olympic value exellence is about a person trying their best, never giving up, and never comparing themselves to other people

The Olympic value friendship is about creating links between people and having people understand eachother and focusing on a more peaceful world through optimism and joy.

The Olympic value respect is about respecting others, respecting rules, and respecting the environment. It also is about encouraging fair play.

In conclusion, the Olympics are about far more than just sports. It is about excellence, friendship, and respect.

"The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the fight; the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well." - The Olympic Creed


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