Appreciation of Modernization Group members: Vicky, Ruhuei, minghui

We have chosen to appreciate modernization. Nowadays technology has since changed and improved our lives. The society modernizes and our quality of life also improves greatly. According to our parents, in their time, they did not have computers or smartphones or Wi-Fi. When they were free, they listened to the radio. Nowadays even the kindergarten kids know how to use an Ipad. Clearly there are gaps between generations. The society is modernizing as the technology has made our lives easier. Today, we aim to show how Singapore becomes a modernized country. We will be highlighting the modernization in Singapore. We hope to cherish the convenience technology has brought us and pay respect to this modernized society.
This photo was taken at a MRT station. It is the first picture because this is related to our everyday life. People used to wake up early in the morning just to reach their work place on time. This was due to an inefficient public transport system. With the current modernized public transportation system, people can wake up much later and still reaching their destinations on time.
Planes enable people to travel for long distance, crossing several countries even. In the past, transportation was not as efficient as compared to today. Transportation modernizes and the time taken for people to travel long distances are shortened, increasing the productivity.
Modernization allows a lot of information to be displayed at once. In the older days, people ,manually flip the numbers on the sign board. Nowadays information is updated quickly as computers are able to control the information displayed, also reducing manpower.
Modernized architecture can be seen anywhere now. They are no longer just shelters, but also serving multiple purposes at once. This building shown on the picture has many glass panels which does not require much artificial lighting, thus reducing energy.
This photo was taken on a MRT train. People in the MRT cabin are looking at their phones intently. It is a common sight to see people using smartphones. The many now gadgets of smartphones have made people's life more convenient. Modernization may not always be a good thing as using phones more frequent than in the past has already made the society a more nonchalant one. People may be more selfish than ever.
This picture was taken at a shopping mall. This shows modernization as the existence of a shopping clearly has made people's life easier. People used to buy their groceries in outdoor markets. Instead of buying only groceries, malls provide store that sell clothes and other accessories in a comfortable air-conditioned indoor environment. This allows consumers to have a better shopping experience.
Televisions used to be bulky and big, displaying only black and white images with low qualities. With the modernized technology, the screens of televisions become wider while their width decreases inside. Not only displaying colourful images, they also become clearer.
Computers are also upgrading. They used to have a giant CPU unit in order to store data. Its monitor used to be small and blurry. Limited information could be obtained. Computers nowadays are portable with no bulky monitors or CPU units. They also have a faster processing speed and they are receiving data faster.
With modern technology, escalators replaced stairs, making everyone's life easier. In the past, stairs were the only way up. It was dangerous for people like elderly and pregnant women as they might fall accidentally on them, causing serious injuries. However, with the help of escalator, it is more convenient for these people to travel upstairs. It would be a suitable ending photo as the escalator represents the human society. Everything just changes so fast and nothing is going back. Just like when you are taking escalators, you are already on the next floor even before you realize it. This is how our society progresses, things modernizes and people will live a better life. That is why we have to appreciate modernization, also to cherish the convenient lives we are living now.


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