Nevertheless, she persisted Women who have inspired the community at Staples

During the last few days of Women's History Month, members of the Staples community reflected on women who have inspired them and impacted their lives.

"I've been inspired by this girl Brigette Muller. She is a blogger, and she really sees the beauty in the world around her. So I think it's important that we sort of remember that side in an ever fast moving world."

Faiza Qureshi '17

"My mom has taught me a lot of good morals," Julia Grimes '20. "She is very strong and independent" Federica Nagar '20.
“[Wangari Maathai] was someone who advocated for both feminism and environmental issues in the world and she inspired millions of lives of the women in Africa and I think a lot of people feel her impact today because of that which is really cool.”

Ella de Bruijn ’18

"My first grade teacher Ms. Moskovitz encouraged me that learning is very important in life."

Evan Feder '17

“[Gloria Steinem] was always fighting for what she cared about. She was a beautiful woman, so everyone was like ‘oh you should just get married’ but no, she said ‘I want to fight for equal rights for women’ so she was really inspiring and never stopped."

Costanza Celoria '18

"I've been inspired by my mother and her mother and all my ancestral grandmothers."

English teacher Samantha Ginzberg

“The person I can think of is Charlemagne’s wife [Hildegard]. He was the most powerful man in the world and then she was just telling him what to do; and he would listen to her. And she would tell him, ‘Don’t forget about the women,’ which was cool," Claire Hague-Rogers ’19 said.

Women's History Month is every year in April. However, inspiring women affect people's lives everyday.

Amelia Brown '18 & Claire Dinshaw '17

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