Keeping it clean by: Steven Lydell

Since Theodore Roosevelt's time in office, America has worked to protect, and conserve it's natural resources through the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Environmental Protection Agency, and The Clean Air Act.

Civilian Conservation Corps.

In the beginning of the 1930s Franklin D Roosevelt made the Civilian Conservation Corps also known as the CCC to restore forests, and lakes to bring up the population of trees and fish. This Cooperation helped people get jobs, and it helped the economy during the great depression. The CCC had 500,000 people working within 5 years

Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency known as the EPA was created by the U.S government in the 1970s. They would make a lot of forests in the United States that was populated heavily with animals, and trees. The government would protect these forests and lakes by making trespassing laws, so no one can cut down trees or fish in the lake.

Clean Air Act of 1970

A law passed in 1970 was called the Clean Air Act. The clean air act was to make an effort for cleaner air emissions throughout the U.S. so the air wouldn't be polluted to the point where everyone had to wear face masks to keep the pollutants in the air from going into the body and infecting it.


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