Hitler's Secret Aidan downs

Exemplary Evaluator May 4

  1. William Osborne graduated Cambridge University.
  2. He became a lawyer.
  3. Then he switched screenwriting.
  4. He worked on more than 60 movies.
  5. He lives in Norfolk, England.
  6. He worked on the movie Goldeneye
  7. He worked on the movie Twins.
  8. He worked on the movie The Mummy.
  9. He has a wife.
  10. He has four kids.
  11. He's working on his third book for the Chicken House.
  12. He was born January 2, 1964.
  13. Earned a Carnegie Medal for his first book.
  14. Egyptian protesters chant slogans against Muslim brotherhood and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in 2012.
  15. Captain Francesco steered a 60,000 ton cruise ship into the Tuscan Island shore.

Connection Builder May 3

Character Captain May 2

Literary Luminary APril 28

Discussion Director April 26

Heydrich set many roadblocks in front of the border to try and prevent them from escaping. Heydrich killed Mother Superior in her office and made it look like suicide. The old lady on the train tried to call an officer because she found out that they were not from where they said they were from. Leni was chased by one of the nun's. She was chased because the nun thought she was one the girls out past lights out.

Leni is a jew from Austria. At the border between Austria and Czechoslovakia she had to say goodbye to her father and brother's. She never heard from them again. Now she's lives with her mom and delivers blood and organs to hospitals. Otto lived at a boys school. He was bullied and he wanted to get away so he went with General MacPherson. He's with The Hitler youth group, but he was forced into it because his parents and sister were taken.

Exemplary Evaluator April 25

Otto, Leni, and Angelica escaped from the island in the middle of the night. The next morning Nazis came to the island looking for Angelica to discover she wasn't there. So they decided to send road blocks everywhere to stop them.

Connection Builder April 24

One way I'm similar to my protagonist is that neither of us can stay still. In the story she wants to keep moving and not wait for a few hours to get on a train. I can't stay still most of the time because I want to use my time wisely. Another similarity is the fact that she takes care of her own. Anyone who I consider my friend I care for.

Character Captain April 21

Literary Luminary April 19

Discussion Director April 18

Hitler's Secret by William Osborne is a historical fictional novel. The author says in the back of the book, "While inspired by real events and historical characters, this story is a work of fiction." The main character is Otto and he is a leader. Otto also is a worrier. He also is very protective.

He's a leader because when Leni made a decision once he had an I don't like this moment.

Exemplary Evaluator April 17

That's the theme in Hitler's Secret because Otto and Leni have barely any training, MacPherson cramming a lot of info into them for being sent into enemy territory.

Connection Builder April 13

Some things that are similar in "I will come back for you" and Hitler's Secret are in Hitler's Secret they are "brother and sister" and in "I will come back for you" the main characters in the stories are brother and sister. Another similarity is in both stories the fathers fight the Nazis. In Hitler's Secret their father is their cover family. But supposedly both fathers were K.I.A. while fighting the Nazis. The last similarity is that in both stories traveling is uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable in Hitler's Secret the plane bomb drop area was loud and shaky. In "I Will Come Back for you" is they have to ride in a basket under pigs.

Character Captain April 12th


Leader, Protective, Eager, and calm

Son of Kurt and Greta Fischer

Loves Leni and being in charge

gratitude, love, awkward

not seeing Leni, they would get figured out, they would get sent to concentration camps

He wanted the war to be over, be able to go back to his home, wanted

Lived in England before MacPherson recruited him.


Literary Luminary April 10th

Page 39 "Leave me alone," Leni is independent and is doing her best to get through the training on her own even though she's going to have to work with Otto soon enough.

Page 17 " I told you he's a half-wit. I'm afraid your journey's been wasted, Admiral." Maddox doesn't like Otto and thinks he's dumb and will never amount to anything.

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