HRM-Case study – The Employment Relationship at Foxconn China (Carwen/ DAVID/ REX/ BRUCE/ SOPHIA/ SHARON)

Q1. Why do you think there is unrest at the Foxconn factories in China?

Firstly, these employees were mostly recuited from rural areas, one trait of these people is low level of knowledge. they were easy to be installed a false value.

Secondly, The depression caused by long-time working and no-talking rules make them feel isolated and insecure.

Thirdly, the wages and social security insurance were incompleted. some of them need to work a lot of time to feed their families. Finally, there is no democratic policy among the factories. The union deputy may still stand for the benefits of management team.

Q2. Discuss the extent to which having

 A Works Council: Collective bargaining involving trade union representative. More councils managed by employee representatives

Foxconn Federation of Labor unions Committee: a truly independent labor union, increase employee representatives, management involvement

This Committee might improve workplace relations if it chooses union representatives in a fair and real way.

A trade Union:

 provides a collective voice for employees

 Usually independent of management

The Fair Labor Association

reports for areas for improvement( working hours, health and Safety, industrial relations and worker integration, compensation and social security insurance).

 promoted the progress that achieved over 280 action items on time

FLA plays an important role in improving workplace relations. This union reports more effective ways to improve employees’ working condition.

Q3. Consider the discussion of trade unions earlier in the chapter. To what extent does the Foxconn Federation of Labour Unions Committee fit with this description? Give examples in your answer.

what is the trade union?

‘a continuous association of wage earners for the purpose of maintaining and improving the conditions of their working lives’ (Webb, S. and Webb, B., 1920)

Provide a collective voice for employees

– represent interests in workplace and wider society

– seek to regulate employment relationship through collective bargaining (CB)

Reference List:Webb, Sidney; Webb, Beatrice (1920). History of Trade Unionism. Longmans and Co. London. ch. I

Hollinshead and Leat (1995), works councils (or committees) can be joint management- employee bodies, but are more commonly councils of employee representatives only.

For example:

Law-The products of modern biotechnology already must undergo intensive scientific and regulatory review before being approved to enter the EU market

Transgenic products –high output- cheaper

Q4. What role, if any, does the press play in pressurising management to improve working conditions?

The press can report the fact, For example: "News reports suggested that factory workers were working very long hours in repetitive and monotonous jobs to make enough money to live." "staff were ‘burning out’ due to the long hours and repetitive nature of the work (Moore 2010). " and so on.

1. Expose the poor working condition in Foxconn

2. arise attention from the public to criticise

3. Forcing the higher managment to look into this issue so that to improve the relationship with staffs

Q5.What might you, as a HR Manager do to improve the relationship between workers and management?

On the other hand, maintain communication between employee and managers. When the employee have a stress for the job, manager should communicate with their employees face to face communication and exchange ideas and information.On the another hand, from the perspective of managers, who should actively correct evaluation of employees, and managers of employees also have a great impact, if the employee doesn’t support or understand employees, between two sides will causer great contradiction.

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