My purpose Thaiana Ross

My purpose is to bring stability and build trust while transforming and implementing Human Resources solutions, when everything else is uncertain and chaotic.

I identify who my clients are to build a tailored and meaningful communication approach that resonates with them, to maximize our time together.

I see every project and each task as an opportunity to help our clients deliver on their promises and do what they love and care about.

I listen and understand their challenges and concerns, so I am able to find and act on creative solutions that feed the project's body and soul.

I learn and spread knowledge across the teams regionally and globally, and deliberately challenge the status quo. I promise to foster a culture of collaboration and partnership where we all have the tools we need to do our job in a timely manner, with confidence and quality, while having fun.

I like to think and do differently so we can change the way we approach and do the things that are otherwise tiresome.

I act with integrity and ethics, am respectful and kind to others and to myself, and always use checks and balances to discuss ideas, present solutions and complete milestones within scope and defined time frame.

Whenever there is a new opportunity for business, I will engage subject matter experts and brainstorm on better ways to achieve what we promised. It is about recognizing our in-house talent to help deliver solutions efficiently and brilliantly.

I incorporate the AMS values (Distinctive - Authentic - Passionate - Brave) into everything I do. Whenever I can, I will do what I love. And when I cannot, I promise to love what I do.

And in my back pocket, whenever I cannot change something, I promise to stay positive and change the way I perceive it, and make the best of the situation.

My work reflects my passion for improving the way things can be done, my signature validates the confidence I have in what I am investing my time in, and my motto is, for as long as I live:

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi.
Thaiana Ross, almost 34 years old was made in Brazil and relocated to the USA about 7 years ago. She likes sushi, hibachi, home made chai tea latte, to hike and run, gardening and have philosophical conversations with her 10 month old daughter, Chloe Jane Ross.


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