The Life of Conon of Athens AN ANCIENT aDMIRAL

Conon was born in greece just after 500 BC

Conon was born into a wealthy family

Conon's first historical reference

The first time Conon was mentioned in writing it was during his time at Naupactus

Red Dot shows where Naupactus is

he participated in the second stage of the Peloponnesian war

One day...

Athens tries to be smart and wanted to take Sicily

They failed and were at a moral loss

They forgot they had these three admirals and generals.


CONON of athens


With those three admirals they won important naval battles and gave Athens a morale boost

In 407 BC he became an admiral

Then in 406 BC he took charge of a Athenian naval force at Samos and overtook Alcibiades who was starting to become crazy


Conon now had a fleet of 70 ships but a Spartan admiral who had 120 ships

One day

The 120 ships surrounded Conon at a harbor

Conon wrote a letter to Athens asking for help
In 30 days the Athenians made a fleet and helped Conon. The Spartan fleet was destroyed

Conon proved to be a great admiral until two years later when another Spartan fleet fought him and destroyed his fleet.


He took refuge in Cyprus and hid there for a couple years

Spartan lost the war

Persia declared war on sparta

Conon had a hate for Sparta and joined the war for the Persians

Persians lost the war

Conon Fled back to Cyprus

That is where he died

He passed in 390


Lots of different places, google, flickr, etc

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