Reflejos musings, amusings, and confusing

Day one

Climbing into Womanhood

I am becoming a woman.

I am not a girl nor a lady, but a woman. But I would not be a woman without the experience at a woman's college. I'd be a woman, but not a woman.

What's the difference between woman and woman? A woman is honest to herself and others about the good, bad, and the ugly. Sharing raw truth to empower oneself and others to think, do, and be better.

Young women can work together, empower one another, and push each other to seek our full potential. Unfortunately the seemingly unescapable grasp of media influence girls and women to mirror the overdramatic, petty, self-loathing idols on the screen.

This entry is not listing the myriad of lessons I have learned at a woman's college (...this is where I would say "for there are too many to list" but it's more like "for I am too lazy to think and type that much").

Today is a simple homage to the women who teach me how to look in the mirror, speak clear through the head and heart to say "I have, I can, and I will continue to grow and respect everyone around me, including myself."

This is to the women that lead by example, practicing what they preach. The women that strive for greatness. The women that fall down but rise up. The women that fear yet remain unafraid. The women that open their hearts to spread their warmth.

This is to the women that fight for today, tomorrow, and generations to come. This is to my friends, family, classmates, co-workers, professors, mentors, unaware bearers of my profound respect, and to you.

Keep climbing. You've come so far and the view is well worth the struggle.

Or as the kids say, "Keep doing your thing girl. Slay."

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