OSU Force Academy Program Information Guide

OSU Force Academy is a leading soccer environment where players have the opportunity to grow and develop to reach their aspirations.

What sets us apart?

  • Complete pathway for players to grow and develop within
  • Professional coaching team
  • Sustained team success locally and at the provincial level
  • Professional opportunities with our network of contacts across North America & Europe

Program Overview

OSU Force Academy begins as early as U6-U8, in our Pre-Academy and continues to U18.

Between the ages of 9-18, OSU generally fields 3-7 teams within the Force Academy at appropriate levels of competition.The goal of the program is to always field as many teams as we have players interested in playing to avoid releasing/turning away players.

The OSU Force Academy teams names in hierarchical order are:​ Force Academy Black, White, Blue, Silver, Iron, Steel, Navy.

How to Join Us

There are 2 main periods for joining the program: Fall & Spring Trials.

The Fall Trials allow us to set up winter training programs and teams, and the Spring Trials help us establish our teams for the summer. At the end of each trial period, parents should expect to receive: the team they were selected to, coach’s name, the program cost, registration instructions, and access to upcoming schedules.

Players may however join at anytime throughout the year, and should contact OSU to express their interest in trying out for the program.

Programming Details & Locations

As a general rule, teams practice twice per week, and have one league game. High level Academy teams will have a third training event per week.

The summer league is typically May-September and teams will train in April to prepare. Winter leagues are November-February with some additional training before and after.

The higher the level of team, the more often they can expect to train (up to 4/week) at a Force Black and White level, for example. Training is generally in the Barrhaven/Nepean/Manotick/Riverside South area.

League games can be anywhere within Eastern Ontario, but most are within Ottawa in neighbouring areas such as Kanata or Gloucester.

Team schedules are always posted on TeamSnap - our scheduling and communication tool. Typically, training and games begins at 6:00 PM or later on weekdays, however on occasion in the winter season they may begin as early as 5:00 PM, depending on the team, their level of play, commitment level and facilities.

Our Coaches

All Force Academy teams are coached by qualified and experienced coaches.

Coaches are trained in our OSU specific coaching education, based on our club expectations and curriculums.

Coaches must also complete all mandatory safe sport training from Canada Soccer and age specific, training qualifications.

Registration Information

Registration information is sent via email directly to you by your coordinator or coach. Force Academy programs are paid by equal-billing monthly installments over a predetermined set of months, including an initial deposit.

Registration costs vary depending on age and level of team which have varying levels of commitment, number of sessions, coaching levels and facilities utilized. Costs for the upcoming season are available prior to try-outs via your coordinator.

What does my registration cover?

  • Player registration (governing bodies) and insurance
  • coaching fees
  • facility and field rentals, indoor dome and gym rental
  • coach equipment (pinnies, cones, training goals etc.)
  • festivals and tournaments (where applicable)
  • summer camp & COE (applicable to specific teams and ages - confirm with coordinator)
  • coach development
  • club administration and office expenses

Travel Expectations

At U8-U18 teams may choose to travel to events outside of Eastern Ontario.

Typically they will select two events per year, and they are communicated prior to the start of the season.

Generally, the higher level teams will travel more often for appropriate level competition.

Club Policies & Expectations

OSU, as a Gold Standard Club through Ontario Soccer and National Youth Club via Canada Soccer, has developed a comprehensive set of policies.

The overall intent is to ensure the environment for participants remains safe, fair and meaningful.

All participants and their families should familiarize themselves with these policies, in particular our ​24 hour rule, Code of Conduct ​and​ Refunds & Withdrawals ​policies.

More information can be found here: ​http://osu.ca/club-info/club-policies

Leadership Growth

Our club believes in homegrown coaches and leaders for the next generation. On an annual basis, OSU deploys over 100 youth players and alumni into coaching roles across the club.

Girls Academy Program

OSU has deep roots in advancing opportunities for young female athletes in the Ottawa area. Few will know that one of our founding community club teams, the South Nepean United Spirit team was a national champion and recognized across North America.

With a storied history in team success, players have benefited from the opportunity to graduate on to provincial and national tram representation along with scholarships across North America.

Goalkeeper Academy

Goalkeeper Centre of Excellence coaches David Bellemare and Aaron Falsetto bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with them having developed goalkeepers for provincial programs, National teams and University programs.

For players who aspire to be a goalkeeper and players who are wanting to try a different position, this program is an excellent chance to master or learn all the required skills. Goalkeeping is known as one of the most technically difficult positions on the soccer field, so we feel it is vital for our goalkeepers to have that extra attention to help them learn the correct techniques.

Goalkeepers will work through the fundamental skills of the position: agility and footwork, positioning, shot stopping, catching, diving, and distribution (both throwing and kicking). As part of the key skills players will hopefully come to understand the tactical side to being a GK and learn to command the box.

Pre-Academy Program

This program is the first entry point into the Academy, for 6-8 year olds.

We believe the Pre-Academy Program helps create an environment where children fall in love with soccer.

Our goal for each player is to graduate from the program with all of the necessary foundations to succeed in soccer, and sports long-term.

We focus on individual growth - helping challenge each player to be their best.

Our game play environment is designed to maximize creativity, enjoyment and for players to be challenged amongst their peers.

Our Home:

George Nelms Sports Park

OPDL Program

The Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) Program is the pinnacle of development for youth in Ontario, providing players within the Talented Pathway with the best possible training environment. The high standards that are in place for the OPDL, ensure that we are optimizing the development experience for players within our club.

As a club, we must meet strict technical, administrative, facility and financial criteria that ensure we, as a license holder deliver a high quality program. This high quality program is delivered through a 12 month periodized plan which balances a 3:1 training to game ratio and includes support through sports performance training and athletic therapy accesibility.

PLSQ Program

OSU was officially accepted into the PLSQ in advance of the 2020 season, after initially competing in League 1 Ontario since 2017. PLSQ is a pro-amateur, standards based league, which is officially classified as the Division 3 national standard. It provides a critical development opportunity for players within our Force Academy pathway at the U17-U23 ages.

Participants within the PLSQ teams are aspiring towards professional play, or are competing at the University or College level. We hope that all young players within our club can aspire towards participating within League 1, especially as the structure of pro soccer in Canada continues to develop.

Players participate within a training program, which is designed to mimic a professional team environment.

What sets our Academy apart for elite athletes?

  • Access to Canada Soccer's Talent Pathway
  • Individual Feedback and Player Plans
  • Athletic Training Programs
  • Elite Tournament Opportunities
  • Access to professional level facilities
  • Holistic programming
  • Best in class goal keeper program
  • Professional coaching team
  • Sustained success at the provincial level
  • Exposure to professional clubs across North America & Europe

Meet our Recruits Pathway

For players within OSU's Force Academy program, a major part of their journey is navigating the university/college process. At OSU, we provide complimentary access to a custom support plan throughout high school to assist each individual with achieving their desired goals.

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