Good Life Tour at the Harn Museum BY, jordan vann

Medium of the Art

Visiting the Harn Museum of Art was a lot better experience than I initially expected. This was mainly due to the benefits I received from viewing all the artwork in person. I was never very interested in artwork, but after this experience, my curiosity and admiration for artwork was renewed. I was instantly struck by the beauty of a painting I viewed during my trip. I have a certain fascination with paintings that depict images during nightfall. I experienced these feelings of admiration after viewing Midtown Composite, a painting done by an American artist, Yvonne Jacquette. Her painting depicted a beautiful city at night. The buildings were intricately outlined by the lights in the windows, while the rest of the artwork was darkly painted. I really appreciated the great detail her artwork displayed, and felt the picture displayed unity and diversity of a city. I truly enjoyed the privilege of viewing this painting in person.

Me standing next to one of my favorite paintings, Midtown Composite

Design of the Museum

The museum had a very serene environment that I particularly enjoyed. It was quiet and pleasant, and I was able to get lost in my thoughts while viewing the artwork. One of my favorite places in the museum was the Asian Water Garden that features the background of my title page. I feel that it serves as a beautiful backdrop for the artwork, as it is visible from inside the museum. A large glass wall allows one to see the garden while they view other artwork from inside. I decided to go outside and walk through the garden, and loved the experience. It was bright, cool, and pretty outside. It was also very mesmerizing to watch the water flow coolly down the waterfall. The inside of the museum was also very beautifully designed. It was spacious with well-polished wooden floors and brightly lit rooms in certain parts. I was able to easily view all the ceramics within the room that is shown in the picture below.

The ceramics room

Art and Core Values

There was a certain work of art I viewed that evoked many emotions from me. This work was Volcano Series no. 2, a series of photographs captured by Ana Mendieta. Mendieta is a performance artist who addressed issues of cultural origin, difference, and identity. Her artwork is meant to depict her spiritual and physical connection to nature as well as her feminist views. Her photographs are of a volcano going through the stages of eruption and are meant to symbolize her body filled with gunpowder, set afire and burnt down to ash. Fire evokes spiritual transformation, while the short but intense life of the flame suggests forces of creation and destruction. I felt very moved by these photographs. I was able to apply these images to my own life in a different way. They reminded me of certain events in life that you are uncertain about. Before a significant event, anticipation builds up until, abruptly, the event occurs. Sometimes, we don't feel ready for the event and are overcome with unbearable anticipation. It lead me to think about a time when I decided to compete in my very first cross country event with my horse. As the person counted down from ten seconds at the start gate, I was filled with intense excitement and nervousness. Suddenly, I was off onto course and I felt electrified. Nothing was more exhilarating than this experience of maneuvering various obstacles with my horse. At the end of the event, as I crossed the finish line, I felt a burning heat of pride and joy come over me for successfully having a clear round. The image of the volcano erupting reminded me of my exit from the start gate and also the feeling I had crossing the finish line.

Me standing next to a valuable photograph, Volcano Series no. 2

Art and the Good Life

Art has the unique ability to alter our way of thinking. It also allows us to interpret situations in different ways. Some artwork may evoke a response in someone, but evoke a completely different response in another individual. It has very diverse ways of delivering messages. For example, the previous image of Volcano Series no. 2 reminded me of a very significant and exciting event in my life, which was very closely related to my idea of the Good Life. For the artist, it displayed transformation, creation, and destruction. These images can have very different meanings to people. They represent bodies filled with competence and intense emotions that can be channeled numerous different ways, depending on the viewer. Another visual representation of the Good Life I viewed were the horse ceramics on display in the museum. Horses are a very significant part of my life, and they symbolize love and strength. The horse ceramic designs were all beautifully designed in their varying stances. I was particularly interested by the horse on the middle shelf. The foreleg of the horse was raised as if the horse were preparing to march forward. This horse displays confidence and strength in oneself. This depicts the theme of personal strength and success achieved through the Good Life. Horses have always had the power to depict these certain ideas in my own mind. I am able to entirely appreciate this theme because I have a deep understanding for horses and find them to be very beautiful and admirable animals.

The horse ceramics

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