As titled, this is not a UI spec but a PoC, Proof of Concept. With the former, you're just explaining very clearly to the developer exactly what she/he needs to execute, while the latter is a walkthrough of an experimental design, and as such is a series of explanations of what all this iconography means and why did we do it that way and how the typical cases will work.

And in producing this PoC, I went through the entire process- I did not create just the minimal set of graphics to produce screenshots, I made all of the graphics pieces in each color/state, ready to be placed into sprite sheets and used if desired, for each of the side UIs: DAK, USSR 43, and USA Tunisia.

That said, I did not produce designs for replacements for the order wheel, artillery spotter UI, or the events list, although I think all need to be redesigned. What I've done is enough to prove the intended concept works. In the unlikely event Graviteam wants to use it, there is not much work required to push it fully across the finish line. Or maybe they can at least get some ideas from it.

But the original purpose was just to see if it could be done the way I envisioned, and I felt like doing some complex UI design work since I hadn't had an opportunity to do so in a while. And I also recently lost a very close four-legged friend and needed something to think about besides that, and design work is good at occupying my mind. I'm entirely pleased with results and this effort has already achieved the original intent: this will go into my portfolio and I'm proud of the result. However, if it suddenly gets quite chilly down in Helltown, Graviteam is welcome to use it and I'd be happy to fully finalize the design for them to execute.

Most of the unit and utility button cases, but they all exist
Most of the unit square/unit card state indicator icons, a few are still scattered about.

Enough Preface!

The Design concepts were:

  1. Open up screen space by displaying UI elements only when needed.
  2. Much reduce required mouse movement distances.
  3. Organize unit information into 3 LoDs (Levels of Detail), each designed to minimize cases where the player needs to drill down to more detail.
  4. Provide customized UIs for each side including iconic period elements and peritiod fonts to encourage player immersion.
  5. Provide quick and easy methods to both select/deselect units and expand/collapse detail level for units at every level: single units, platoons, and the entire player force.

So there are your suggestions, Sergey. Hopefully you'll find some of them useful.

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Jay Thompson

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