Organized Insanity BY: Liam GReiner


The plot of my play is rather complex yet at the same time very simple. The story follows a 27 year old medical student named Marcus who wakes up with no memory of where he is or what happened before he woke. Slowly exploring his scenario he discovers that around him are key parts of his life. His desk from the hospital, His dresser from his apartment, His couch from his psychiatrist, his baby brothers coffin, and his large living room chair. As time progresses and he finds each piece a "ghost of reality" comes to greet him, as time progresses he discovers that there was a gunshot and someone died. Visits from his sister and Detectives into the apartment reveal that the death was caused by Marcus and overwhelming guilt consumes him. After hitting rock bottom and wishing to be sent to hell his elderly grandmother enters and begins to talk to him. All of the family had dismissed the grandmother for insane as she rambled not making any sense, however Marcus discovers that she can talk to the dead, and he was in purgatory. His grandmother also reveals that if he had killed someone he would already moved onto someplace else. Marcus throws himself deeply into investigating what happened to himself with clues being revealed until he realizes that he had killed himself. Falling down into tears Marcus apologies to his family and loved ones finally begging for forgiveness from his younger brother. A small child comes laughing on and takes Marcus's hand saying they can't hear you bro, but I can. The child leads Marcus away and slowly his mind goes black.


The stage should represent Marcus's mind with very simplistic elements that highlight the minimalistic pieces of set.
Lighting should also be minimalistic, bathing only the essential in a raw unfiltered "Dirty" light.
"Dirty Light" should be almost forcing its way into the scene as if being pushed through cracks.
Marcus's desk
HIs brothers coffin, side note I feel weird looking this up.
The Bureau that Marcus has
Couch from his psychiatrists
The Chair
Scene set up


Marcus - The young student studying to be a Dcotor, acts very regretfully and dialogue almost seems self depricating. Open to interpretation.

Rosie - Marcus's older sister who comes to visit, strong independant and hardworking Rosie always knew her brother was not as strong and determined as she was and she pitied and worried for him. Open to interpretation

Officer Davis - A young cop that is being taken along with Detective Leonard. Very exuberant and does not know the reality of the job that they work. Open to interpretation

Detective Leonard - An older detective who has a long history in the police force, grizzled and tired he has seen to many deaths for his time. Very hard yet caring and sympathetic.

Nickie - Marcus's little brother who passed away from cancer at A very young age. His death haunts Marcus and, he can never seem to let it go. Marcus is small and delicate.

Grandmother - Marcus's grandmother who the entire family had though was crazy and insane. The reality was that she could talk with those trapped in purgatory. Marcus witnesses her wisdom and her raw love for the world.

Audition Steps

Color Drill - A drill I use, having each member embodying a color, I have them act as the color not able to say anything besides their color. Slowly I instruct them to become a darker and darker version of their color.

Advanced Dialogue - A speaking drill I use requiring each participant to speak in between the others blanks slowly increasing the number of words. This helps me see who can act well while not being directly involved.

Ghost choreography - One member will attempt to touch the other member on an arm or their shoulder while the other member has to avoid the touch without making it seem obvious what is occurring. They need to act as if they are not conscious of the other member.

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