The Harn Museum By: Joseph Napoli

Standing next to El Encuentro

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

Standing next to this piece of art is the only way to truly appreciate it. From afar, one cannot truly appreciate the time necessary to complete this complicated oil painting. The dull colors that were used in the work truly exemplify the dull and harsh undertone that the painting is trying to pronounce. It tells of the troubled times in Haiti throughout the Spanish and French reign. By choosing to implement oil, it communicated a sense of dreariness that would not have come through as effectively if the artist had chosen to draw this instead.

Smiling next to Infinite Pillars

Design of the Museum

The design of the museum allows for a deeper interpretation of the various wings throughout. The way this wing is designed, especially the entrance that I am posed next to, perfectly highlights and provides deeper meaning through the use of lighting and colors. The piece I am standing next to utilizes the light to cast shadows of the pillars, creating sharp shadow contrasts against the lighter wood wall. Behind me, the way the windows are utilized makes the room appear larger in the middle by using natural light. But, the light is dimmed around the outsides, where the artworks are placed, and lighted singularly to show the grandeur of the pieces. This use of light allows for wider interpretations of the artworks.

Three Girls Holding Hands

Art and Core Values

This work appealed to me as it spoke of a community of impoverished children. This affected me greatly as you can see the sadness and the desperation in the little girls faces. This spoke to me as one of my core values is ending world hunger. So much of the world does not know where their next meal will come from and are reliant on a good crop season. The girls in the picture represent the innocence of lack of understanding as to why their circumstances are so rough. It evokes a sense of responsibility to take care of children across the world, as they cannot take care of themselves.

Standing next to Con todo respeto (the bottom artwork)

Art and the Good Life

In this artwork, the artist, Nahum Zenil, expresses his admiration for the great Frida Kahlo, who stood up for what see believed in. She inspired him to never back down or succumb to society's norms. This work features Frida on what looks like a train or bus, riding along side him. This could be interpreted as her riding beside him in life as he spoke up against gay persecution in Mexico. This work brings up the theme of fighting for what is right in the world, and the equality of life to all. By choosing to depict himself with Frida on a bus or train amongst other people, I believe that the message of everyone being on the ride of life together gets through to the viewers. That there will always be someone to stand up for you and inspire progress in the world, no matter how lonely you feel.


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