Katharyne Bennett & Caelyn Cordes 6th Period

The Worlds Largest Water Bottle

The Nile River is a perfect place to stop and get a drink! The Nile floods every year and it gives us good fertile soil for our crops. It also makes transporting crops and goods to and from Upper/Lower Egypt easier. It's also is the main source of water for feeding our animals, bathing, etc. The Nile is important in many ways.

The Nile river, Egypt

The Great Monster of Thebes!!!!

The Sphinx is one of the most famous creations in Egypt. It's 66' tall in height, and 240' long! It guards the pyramids that are made from limestone. The limestone helps to protect the pyramids form the sun to help them last for a long time. The Sphinx represents the gods and kings.

The Sphinx, Egypt

The Biggest Cemetery Ever!

We build tombs for the loved ones who passed. The after life is very important to us. To honer the after life, we prepare a body so it would make the after life more comfortable. So the body can interact, we touch the five senses with gold so they could walk, talk, eat, etc. We also put traps in the tombs because tomb theft is very popular.

The pyramids are the tombs in Egypt

All Hail The After-Life God!

The god of the after life, Anubis, tends to the mummies in the after life. When we put the mummy in the tomb. While the mummy is in the tomb we put a burial mask on the body to protect it in the after life. We preserve the body so the after life would be more comfortable for the person. In the afterlife, the god Anubis, would weigh the heart to decide if they could go to the after life or not. He weighed it against the feather of truth.

The god,Anubis

Here Comes The King!

King Tut wore a strap on a braided beard just like his father. His father is Akhenaten, he's the one who changed polytheism to monotheism in Egypt. Tut's pharaoh and he's only 9! He also restored the belief in polytheism. As all of our pharaohs, Tut wears the mighty crown.

This is one of the walls of King Tut's tomb.

Latest Fashion Hits!

The pharaohs wear a golden chest plate. They also wear a beautiful golden crown. The other people wear strange things, like tunics are used for both girls and boys. They also wear a sandal type thing for shoes.

This is a pharaoh crown

How 'Bout Some Munchies!?!

We grow lots of veggies for crops. For example we grow a ton of onions, bread, and fish. We own animals such as, cows and goats for milk. We cook outside or in a separate room from our house. Like me the girls crush grain barley so it will be like a dough. We also add warm water to the barley to make beer. So our formula is grain barley = dough + warm water = beer. For our crops I would say grain is the most important.

This is grain barley

Time To Get The Rake!

The main job in here is farming. We use our pets to help us, and we raise cattle like cows, goats, pigs, and sheep. We also use a material called papyrus to make our paper. We take the food we make and use it to make jewelry and buildings. We mainly plant wheat and barley. We also grow our crops in rows to keep it organised.

This is a field we'd grow crops in.

Take This Map to Help Navigate the Amazing Land of Egypt

This is a map of our country.


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