De-Socialization: The Smart Phone Threat On The Youth By Joshua R. Weiler

Smart phones have great advantages for our society that will better our lives, but only if they are used correctly.

The youth are owning and using smart phones at earlier ages, thus becoming addicted to their devices and losing touch with physical society and reality.

Continuation on this path will lead to an ugly future with social ignorant people who will not know how interact with their peers or elders as well as they should.

Our Society is starting to become slaves to it's own technology as the Youth forgets how to operate without it. The Youth is blind to this fact and only cares for about their own enjoyment.

An age restriction from one to fifteen should be put in place on the Smart Phone so that the Youth can enjoy most of their childhood without the addiction of their devices strangling their lives. The restriction would allow the Youth to learn social skills for their future lives making our society as it should be.

Created By
Joshua Weiler


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