Tattoos on the Heart Jordan Espiritu

Chapter 2 Dis-Grace: Disgrace means loss of reputation or respect, especially as the result of a dishonorable action. My favorite stories from this chapter are Lula's stories. One of them is when he shows his report card to Fr. G. He was so proud when he showed it to him and it had all F's but 0 absences. I also like when Lula is shouting on the phone to Fr. G and then greets everyone by yelling to them.

Chapter 3 Compassion: The theme of this chapter is compassion. Compassion is sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. One of the sad stories in the chapter is about Betito. In this chapter, Betito gets shot on his side. Fr. G and the doctors were feeling very compassionate for him and wanted to help him as much as they all could.
Chapter 4 Water, Oil, Flame: This chapter is about resilience. It shows how some of these stories show how quick some people recover from some of their tough difficulties in the lives. One of the stories in this chapter is when Jose wants to be baptized and his brother Cisco died the night before. While Fr. G was baptizing Jose, Jose quickly recovered from this hard time and wanted to proceed with his baptism. This story is my favorite story for this chapter and it is also a very sad and impactful story to me.

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