Father Daniel Greenleaf Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Daniel Greenleaf, Prince of Peace Parish, Lewiston, Maine

Submitted by: Sheila Foley

Prince of Peace Parish is not my parish, but Father Greenleaf taught an amazing course on the book of the Acts of the Apostles that deeply affected my life. It is evident from the parish website that multiple creative attempts are made through the leadership of this priest to keep people connected with the sacramental life of the Church, including night prayer from the rectory that I look forward to every night.

I can think of no one who used technology better to reach us. I do not even belong to this parish, yet I learned so much and was moved by his creativity and energy to reach out to the parish entrusted to him. I learned that in difficult times the Holy Spirit is working among us, and to appreciate the dedicated work of all priests who are tireless in their efforts to keep us close to the Church.

I think the pandemic has made all priests stretch themselves in ways even they did not imagine when they entered the priesthood. The creativity that came forth was inspiring and hopeful. No matter what happens, they will help us find God's will in everything. It is good to be Catholic.