Adventure For Three By: mackenzie Plummer

In the middle of a wet, sandy beach, there lived a shy little water droplet who always worried about everything. Her name was, Rosemary. All of the two friends that she had, were always playing on the waterslide, without her. She hated the thought of being pulled down the river without any control. Though, one hot, summer day, she decided to go down with her best friend of the three, Kate. Kate and Rose counted to three then... SPLASH! They went down the river with surface runoff.

At the bottom of the river, Rose starts crying, " How do we get back up?!?" Kate doesn't know what to say.

"Calm down Rose." Rose worries and her cries turn into sobs.

"Um, Rose?" Kate notices that she and Rose are sinking. They sink into the soil surface. Rose is still sobbing, not noticing the dirt that she is slipping through her body.

"Rose?" Kate starts to feel.... weightless. Rose just sobs and sobs, tears streaming down her face.

"ROSE!" Rose opens her eyes, wiping away tears. The two little water droplets are in Groundwater Flow!

"I'm so sorry, Kate!" Rose is still crying.

"No, no. I'm sorry, Rose. I was the one who bugged you about going down with me..." Kate looks down.

"Well instead of just sitting down here, let's try to get out!" Rose says, trying to cheer Kate up. Kate and Rose look up and all around. There was no way out from the way it looked. When it seemed like there was no hope, the soil around them started to rumble. It grumbled. It crumbled. All of a sudden, Rose and Kate start to flow through the Groundwater! They slip through the hard as rock, dirt, like two peas popping out of their pod. Rose starts to worry so Kate gives her a big hug. They hold each other until they pop up into warm water. The sun is out, and it burns their eyes from being in the dark so long. They have accumulated into a lake.

"What was that?" Rose whimpers.

"I don't know... I think I've heard about that though. It's called Groundwater Flow.... I think." Kate replies. Out of nowhere, Bobby, Rose and Kate's other friend, splashes in the water.

"Whoa!" He shouts. "That was totally awesome!" He looks around and sees them.

"Oh. Hey guys." Bobby remembers something and his pace gets quicker as he floats toward them.

"Rose! Your parents have been looking everywhere for you! Where have you been?" He looks toward where he came from.

"Well I finally went down the water slide with Kate, and then-" Rose starts.

"You went down the waterslide?!?" Bobby looks surprised and a little relieved. Kate gives him a Knock it off, look. He then stops talking.

"So after we slid down, we sunk into Groundwater Flow. Then the water molecules around us moved and we ended up here, with you." Rose finishes.

"Why didn't you just go back up?" Bobby says in a duh kind of tone.

"Well I got scared and started crying so we sunk into groundwater." Rose tries. All of a sudden, the three water droplets who had accumulated in the huge body of water, start to move. The water around them forms an odd tornado shape as they get sucked up into a large cave.

"Now what's going on?!?" Rose grumbles.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" They three shout. They enter a large, slimy space that smells of wet, mushy grass and feels even worse.

Bobby looks around and then states, "We just got drunken by a horse, I think." Kate rolls her eyes,

"Well what else could've happened?" she says.

"I don't know it could've been a cow..." Bobby smiles. He knows that Kate is getting frustrated.

"And what's a cow doing all the way out here?" Kate grumbles.

"Well I don't know what a horse is doing all the way out here..." Bobby says back.

"Bobby! You little jerk! You know that when I get scared, that I fumble a lot! Stop being so full of yourself!" Kate's face is as red as a piping tomatoe.

"Both of you stop!" Rose cuts in. She looks at Bobby and glares at him.

She looks at Kate and says, "Calm down, Kate!" She tries to force a smile even though she's even more scared than Kate. The liquid around them swishes and swooshes like a puddle being splashed after a mild rain storm.

"I'm scared too-" Rose smiles.

"I'm sorry Rose, I'm so so sor-" Kate starts. But then she gets interrupted with a draining sound. CREEEAAAAKKKKK.

The three little water droplets go spilling out of an opening from who knows where. The warm summer air floods through them as they fall.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" They scream. Each and every one of them fall into the Soil Surface and a couple seconds later they infiltrate into Groundwater Flow.

"Kate! Where are you?!" Rose cries out. She doesn't know where she is and all she knows is that she's alone. Very alone.

"Hello? Bobby? Kate? Come on guys, where are you?" She starts to softly weep. She never should have gone down the slide.

"Rose?" A voice says. It sounds far away.

"Kate!" Rose says with a heart full of hope. She sees a figure floating toward her.

"Ummm, no. But it's me, Bobby." Bobby tries to smile, but he knows she can't see.

"Where's Kate?" Rose worries.

"I don't know. I think she got irritated and went out looking for you. She went in that direction." Bobby points behind him.

"Bobby, I can't see where you're pointing." Rose comments.

"Oh right." Bobby takes Rose by the hand and they flow through the Groundwater not knowing that they were going in the wrong direction! They went further and further until they reached a dark space.

"Rose..." Bobby pants. She was doing most of the pulling now. "ROSE!" She was only interested in one thing, finding her best friend.

"ROSE!" Bobby yells at the top of his lungs.

"What?" Rose says with tears in her eyes.

"Rose, I think we're in Groundwater Flow again." Rose and Bobby then notice that they are moving and it's not because of Rose. They move faster and faster and faster until they see light again. It takes a moment for their tiny little eyes to adjust. The water smells like salt.

"The Ocean..." They both groan.

"Kate!" Rose and Bobby yell. In the clearing they see Kate floating around with some other water droplets. Kate sees Rose and swims on over.

"Rose! I thought I'd never see you again! I was lost and it was dark and I could hear you calling for me but I didn't know where to go and-" Rose cries as she and Bobby accumulate towards the three water droplets that Kate was talking to. Then one of them interrupts her.

"We found your friend in the darkest part of Groundwater Flow and brought her here. She would NOT stop talking about you." One of the water droplets said. Her voice was deep, but soothing.

"Kate I'm just glad that we found you. Or you found us, sort of." Rose says with a smile. Kate says goodbye to the three water droplets and they begin swimming toward where they think is home. Rose starts thinking. "The river.... What about..."

"Guys!" She exclaims. "Guys! Why don't we just try going up the river!" Bobby and Kate exchange worried glances.

"Instead of going down the river with surface runoff, let's go up!" Rose says. Kate and Bobby don't seem very fond of the plan.

"It might not work but it's worth a try!" Rose says after she sees their worried glances.

"Let's go!" Rose is now racing through the lake. Kate and Bobby shrug and follow her, thinking negative thoughts about not making it. They reach the waterfall that Rose and Kate flew down.

"Bobby, can you go first please?" Kate says a little embarrassed.

"Sure." Bobby shrugs. He backs up, takes a deep breath, and flys up the waterfall like there's nothing to it.

"Us now." Rose encourages Kate. Rose looks back and thinks of the great experience she had with her two best friends. She never, in her wildest dreams, would've thought that she could make it through all of that. Rose gives Kate a smile. So they take hands, back up, take a deep breathes, and use the runoff as the key home.

I got all of my pictures from CC Search

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