Georgia By kynleigh mabb

The average temperature of the summer time in Georgia is 90 degrees.
Georgia's average temperature during winter is 41 degrees.
In Georgia, dangerous weather is common. There has been cyclones and tornadoes known to this state.
Peaches, peanuts, and onions are all foods known to Georgia.
And coal are all recources known to georgia
This park is one of the many, many state parks in georgia.
Georgia's mountains are beautiful and breath taking.
This is georgia's state flower the cherokee rose!
This is georgia's state bird! This bird is called the brown Thrasher.
Georgia's state nickname is "The Peach State."
Georgia's state tree is the live oak.
Georgia was founded in 1732, at wich time it's boundaries were even larger including much of President day states of Alabama and Mississippi.
By the mid 19th century, Georgia had the greatest number of plantation culture and economic dependence on slavery.
Jackie Robinson was born in Georgia. Isn't that cool!
Martin Luther King J.R was also from Georgia!
Georgia! Georgia! Georgia!


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