The Iced Vo-Vo Man A Tribute

the fences are down / a time of great repair / a time of endless tasks / a vast weight of sorrow / :his mother is gone, cruel words now / begin the separating / those which belong in this paddock / those which belong in this paddock / those which belong in this paddock / those which belong in this paddock / things once shared, cruel things now / the fences are down / just walk: repeat

Walking, he walked alone within his world; an agoraphobe with his moveable room, a fringe dweller, an urban monk.

Take in the presence just ahead, just gone now where the trees are clumped and darken on the roadside, surely you see the iridescence of his presence in the shade where she gestured just now to follow ... there was someone there; not just these insects that swirl in the breeze, someone who waved, almost called, why else does he walk this way?

Assert, bold, quiet one, now, here, this way has promise, reward, holds firm to honesty.

Vast distances unpeopled in the dawn, trees shadowed and stunned by the first light, the snap of a twig, a leaf fall, that bird now beginning song intwining with footfall and the clouds of whichever hue justify the three raincoats. In aloneness arises the ultimate need for correct usage of the things that are a part of the walk.

With the wind swirl from his fast pace etching his coat and his mind sun-soaked and firmly sequestered he passes by trailing insects burst into the disturbed air. Moments later there is no trace of any happening and yet something has happened; dots have been joined, order has been polished.

His 3 raincoats were shredded from constant use.

This day 18 March 1976 was so fragile and demanded so much. He had to enclose his aloneness with even more aloneness. Any infringement would be too sudden, too easy to shock his brittle inner state. He planned this walk, he walked this plan. The rigidity nearly killed him. He never planned another walk.

So he walked and later mapped his walk. Dots (turnings) joined with memory. Cities, suburbs, streets and their names were not things required for his walks or his maps of his walks.

Protection: his mother had insisted on fences, layers of fences. He adopted the crazed stare and layered raincoats.

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Colin Campbell

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