Crystals Learn what crystals are and where you can find them.

Have you ever been in the great outdoors and had something shimmery catch the corner of your eye? You’ve just discovered crystals! It’s time to explore the evolution of crystals and where they are usually located.

One of the most interesting features of crystals are the way they are arranged in a highly ordered repeating pattern. They are an organized group of atoms and molecules. Atoms are used to create the molecules around us. This means, that if a crystal didn’t have it’s pattern it wouldn’t look as attractive to our eyes. Another explanation is, if they weren’t organized than it would’ve been mixed up in a group. Rocks are made of crystals. This shows that when crystals are formed they go through stages and then become a crystal. Crystal or crystal formation is called crystallization/ (crystal-lize-ashin) or solidfication/ (solid-fik-ashin.) This indicates, that if you wanted to wonder how crystals form and what it’s called. Also, each crystal has it’s own properties and shape. This means, just to know that crystals are different and have different shapes. If you go read all of these facts you will already know a lot of facts about crystals. If you want to find out more read on.

This is a group of molecules made around us.

Have you ever wondered where you can find crystals? You can find them in many unique places. Large crystals are usually found in Naica, Chihuahua Mexico. Many types of crystals are also found in colder areas and sometimes crystals even grow in underground caves. In the United States, crystals can be found in crystal gold mines in Kellogg, Idaho. Crystals can be found all over the world! Although crystals can be hard to find, if you look hard enough, you’ll find them!

This is a underground cave where most crystals grow in.

Did you ever wonder about all the different types of crystals? Diamonds are the hardest mineral. They are unique because they are the most valuable crystals on earth. It means that without diamonds being hard and valuable, nobody would want to buy it. Large crystals including snowflake, diamonds, and table salt are how to make a certain kind of crystal. It means if you wanted to make it and if you were interested in large crystals. Most crystals on earth are minerals. So, crystals are different types and they are made differently. All crystals are different and have their own feature. Also, you can go research about your favorite crystal and it will give you your information you need to know.

Now you could go outdoors and investigate on the search of crystals right now. If you are, then have fun with it and use the advice that I gave you! You can take a journey outside to search for your favorite crystals.

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