Strange Days

My sparkly sketchers echo as I cautiously step into the white abyss, Still recovering from talking to the red riding hood. I look around, noticing no signs of any other other color than the clear, whitish glow I am standing on. Am I standing? It's confusing, as you look underneath and around me and only see white. Must be a solid material, as my shoes echo, step, by step..

It almost seems like nothing happened. I just appeared here. In the middle of the woods, on a soft, fresh layer of grass, just shocked. I feel the ground; it is real. I look forwards as I notice dwarfish people holding cups, bowls, silverware. They seem to trodd towards the middle of the woods, following a faint glow amongst the trees, visibly far away. I attempt to stay out of view once I arrive, just to see what they are doing. But of course, my plan takes a different route. As I head towards their direction, one of the little people sees me, then stares. He tugs the shirt of another's. Then the other man turns around and does the same thing to another until all the little people stare at me. I stare at them back, not sure what to think of it.

Just as I thought of going back the way I came, I stopped. I heard a few of them mutter some words. Another pair whispered to each other. And the words I heard came from a grumpier looking one. "Well, won't she say something?" the man grouched, making me want to tell him something he wouldn't  want to hear me say. That's when I stopped, spinned around and stared. Then I counted them. Seven in total. The grumpy man was caught by surprise, as I don't think he understood how irritatingly loud he said what he said. I looked further behind the dwarfs. A delicate- looking girl was approaching us..

"Come in, come in," whispered the girl, calming me down in an instant. The men all obeyed; I followed as well. As we all headed in the direction of the light, the trees slowly uncovered it as a cottage. Thump. What was that noise? THUMP. It was getting louder. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.

"Um, it was nice meeting you. But I must leave now. Bye.." I excused myself, as I ran out of the forest as swiftly as I possibly could.

"Farewell.. Mein mädchen," replied the girl. Her voice faded away as I ran further, not turning back. Nice meeting you? I hadn't met her. Why did I say that? I ran faster and faster, still hearing the ear-splitting THUMP as I slouched down, finally giving up and letting my body fall between the trees. My eyelids were heavy, and they shut closed as my long eyelids hit my glasses.

I wake up in the public library, Germany. I still hear the THUMP, now getting softer. I turn around, seeing it's just the librarian replacing books on the shelves. I look back down at my desk, where my Snow White book opened to the last page. I think it's just myself seeing it, but I swear she is smiling and winking at me.

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Iris Zinov

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