Own The Future. by Dallas Howard

My name is Dallas Howard, I am a Junior at Crater High School and so far I am a 2 year Varsity wrestler. I am working towards being a varsity wrestler for my two remaining high school years. When I graduate my plan is to go to Lineman College and possibly become a pre-apprentice at Pacific Power.
The Northwest Lineman College, located in Oroville, California would be the college which I think i might attend. They offer a 15-week lineman training program, as well as a year round program that lets you choose the speed that you take and finish courses.
I would like to be apart of IBEW (The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) which is a Labor union that represents nearly 750,000 workers and retirees in the electrical industry. I want to be a lineman, or a journeyman lineman, who works on power lines or even power plants, focusing on lines and generators used for the distribution of electricity.

To become a Lineman one must attend Lineman school, go through a year and a half Pre-apprenticeship who makes $22 per hour, then they go through a four year apprenticeship. While going through the apprenticeship, the apprentice starts out making $27.50 an hour, slowly making their way up to $47.50 an hour. By the time they're making $47.50 they're promoted to having the title of "lineman".

Lineman work is all over not only the United States but all over the world. I would like to work in the United States, but if I was to be offered later on to travel out of country I think i would take the job.
Pacific Power is a line company stationed all up and down the west coast, I would like to start my work as a lineman here so I would always be close to home, but if I had a choice I would choose to be stationed in the Medford yard for my total Pre-apprentice and Apprenticeship.

There is no deadline to finish school or any other deadlines to become a lineman, nor is there a time frame to finish the schooling. You gather the necessary skills to become a lineman not only in lineman school but also doing side-jobs where you run equipment and use your hands often.

This job interests me because: A.) My dad has done it for a long time and the job has alwasy appealed to me. B.) They make really good money and that means I could achieve other goals in life utilizing the money I make in this profession. C.) I hate going to a job where I do the samething everyday, and i hate going to a job in the same place, I get bored. As a lineman, you do something different everyday, along with a change in scenery. This is a major part in me being drawn to this profession.

To get into a Lineman college You visit their website and apply, Pay certain fees, and graduate. After graduation from lineman school, You search for a Pre-apprenticeship in companies, if you finish your pre-apprenticeship at a company and they like the way you work, you could go strait into an apprenticeship from there, making your way up to be a lineman.

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