Reorganize to Revitalize

A youth pastor is a vital piece of the youth group, and they facilitate relationship development. If they reorganize small groups so that they are not divided by age, the church will prosper.

If youth groups are allowed the opportunity to connect across age groups, their transition into the congregation will be seamless.

A mentor relationship with someone in the congregation makes everyone feel important.

Studying the Bible with someone else gives a different point of view and enriches the experience for both individuals. These mentor relationships that form in the youth group will benefit the spiritual health of students.

Mentor relationships help people stay accountable to each other and invest in each other's lives spiritually.

When youth groups are unified, they will set an example for the rest of the church and the structure of small groups is where relationships begin to form.

Would you rather your congregation be engaged and invested...

... or barren and empty?

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Alicia McNulty


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