2021 Fashion Predictions By: Grace Moore

This year I will be making fashion predictions. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Grace, I saw you wear the same Park Junior High Cross Country sweatshirt everyday of middle school. What qualifies you to make fashion predictions?”

To that I have to say: 1. That wasn’t me, I don’t know who you’re talking about, and 2. I’ve nearly lost motivation in every aspect of my life except for fashion, so this is what I’m writing for Lion. To be honest I have zero qualifications. I’ve, regrettably, never taken a fashion class. I do own a sewing machine, but knowing how to use it is another story. These fashion predictions will mostly be “Trends I Think are Cool, and I Want them to Come Back.” Think of this as more of a manifestation tool for me, a public dream board, if you will.

Fashion Prediction Number 1: Designer brands that I want to come back include Hysteric Glamour and Ed Hardy. I love these brands. My favorite type of clothing is clothes that are so ugly, they’re hot. That fits these brands perfectly. Ed Hardy’s clothing sometimes looks so gross I don’t even want to touch it, and that’s why I love it. I would wear one of those velour zip-ups with a little too realistic tiger on it to war if I had to. Hysteric Glamour is a relatively expensive brand that makes fun graphic tee shirts. Hysteric Glamour is not for the close minded. A lot of their clothes have interesting colors and their designs are really out there. The last time this brand was in style was the 2000s. Back then, low-rise pants were also in style. I am not letting low rise pants come back.

Fashion Prediction Number 2: Flare pants. Fashion runs on a 20-30 year cycle, meaning that the seventies “came back” around the 2000s, but the 2000s are back now. So what I propose is that we mix them. Hear me out: so in the 2000s bootcut pants were in style to mimic the flare pants of the ‘70s. I think instead of cowering in bootcut pants like our ancestors did, we should go all the way with flare pants. They would be perfect with ‘70s fur lined coats which also need a comeback (with fake fur of course).

Fashion Prediction Number 3: Graphic tees. This goes along with the 2000s comeback. Graphic tees in the 2000s were so fun. I don’t mean the graphic tees from Forever 21 that are just pop culture words put together in different orders until they don’t make sense. I mean a hot pink shirt that says “I run the world and sometimes the moon on weekends,” or something stupid like that. This could revolutionize the fashion industry.

Fashion Prediction Number 4: Corsets. Many high-end designers have started making decorative corsets. They add so much to an outfit, and they don’t have to be as tight as they were in the 1800s; they can just add a revolutionary look to your outfit. They give a girly look to an outfit.

Fashion Prediction Number 5: Plaid skirts. Plaid is so ugly, but it has been popular since the ‘80s, and they’re not going anywhere. Talk about consistency. I wish I could be as dedicated to anything as the fashion industry has been to plaid. Plaid skirts are the perfect statement for an outfit because they can go with simple tops or extravagant ones if the color schemes match. They’re perfect to go with tights and high boots in the winter, and they keep you cool in the summer.

Photos courtesy of: Carnavalshop, Polyvore, Depop, Dazed Digital, VSCO, Moda Operandi, and Buyadream.