Minimum Legal Drinking Age lower because of the Military and voting age.

A person can risk his or her life fighting in the military but not drink alcohol. Many young adults ages eighteen to twenty want to be able to have a social drink with their friends or co-workers twenty-one or older. If an eighteen year old can join the military and risk their life fighting for their country, their country should allow them a drink.

Young adults ages eighteen to twenty are allowed and encouraged to vote for President, Vice President, Congressmen, and many other positions for the United States Government. When doing this, these young adults are helping decide the future of the country by who is voted in to the position. Young adults can decide the future of the country but not have alcohol. Voting for people who can change the how the country is run has more of an impact than young adults drinking.
This picture shows the reality of young adults voting. This is showing that who is being chosen will be in this position for at least four years. During this term, this President and Vice President could have many effects on the country. If young adults are allowed to decide this, they should be allowed to have a drink.
Young adults are not allowed to have alcohol but, are allowed to fight in the military and vote. These are things that not only are important for the country but are dangerous and sacrifices for the country. These are sacrifices for a country that will not allow for an eighteen year old to drink, not even in his or her own home. Eighteen to twenty year olds should be allowed to drink because they can fight in the military and vote.


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