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One of 18 affiliates across the United States and Latin America, Boys Hope Girls Hope Detroit helps academically motivated middle and high school students rise above disadvantaged backgrounds and become successful in college and beyond.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to nurture and guide motivated young people in need to become well-educated, career-ready men and women for others. Our vision is to graduate young people who are physically, emotionally and academically prepared for post-secondary education and a productive life, breaking the cycle of poverty.


Excitement is in the air at Boys Hope Girls Hope Detroit. As the school year is winding down and summer approaches, we want to highlight our Scholars and their accomplishments, as well as share important news with our BHGH family.

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Featured Quote
“Today if anything is trying to hold you back, give no attention to it. Get your hopes up, get your faith up, look up, and get ready to rise up.”

― Germany Kent

Scholar Updates

Congratulations to all Collegians finishing up the 2019-2020 school year!

Collegian Scholars Graduating in 2020

Andrea Castaneda: Michigan State University (Hospitality/Business)

Brizeida Chapa: Henry Ford College (Elementary Education)

Eduardo Garduno: Eastern Michigan University (Computer Engineering Technology)

Walter King: Michigan State University (Kinesiology)

Collegian Spotlight

Maricruz Zamora

Maricruz Zamora graduated from the University of Michigan – Dearborn, with a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering during December 2019. She is a first generation high school and college graduate.

Since graduating, she joined the company Accenture as a Technology Analyst in the Technology Development Program. She is thrilled to begin her career and see what the future has in store.

Maricruz began her college career at Marygrove College and later transferred to the University of Michigan – Dearborn.

She became involved on campus, with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and developed professional, leadership, and networking skills, while volunteering and organizing STEM events in high schools in Southwest Detroit.

Collegian Update

Qortez Brown

At the start of his freshman year, Qortez attended Siena Heights University pursing basketball. He later transferred to the school of his dreams, Oakland University.

Qortez is majoring in Communications, with a minor in Media Production.

His love for basketball has tremendously helped transfer his playing into coaching and training players from all levels. While attending college, Qortez will manage his training business for athletes.

Being in college has helped him stay focused on the career that he wants and college reminds him that his life is bigger than basketball. Having the ability to train players gives him a greater feeling than playing. Being able to inspire others through the game holds great value to him.

Senior Hope Scholars

We have 5 Hope Scholars graduating in the class of 2020! Our seniors are wrapping up the school year and starting to make final decisions on where they will be attending school in the fall. Here is where they are considering as of now:

  • Isabella Servin: Michigan State University
  • Ivyanna Peoples: Michigan State University
  • Naieemah Muhammed: Rust College
  • Omar Angeles: Wayne State University
  • Stephanie Segura-Guerrero: Michigan State University

The Hope House

Women and girls across the globe are still experiencing unequal and unfair conditions compared to men and boys. Women are paid less than men for work of equal value. There are 15 million girls worldwide who are not attending school compared to just 10 million boys. Furthermore, in a report by the Obama Administration, Girls of Color, experience disproportionately higher rates of school suspensions. Suspensions for Black girls are at 12% higher than white boys (6%) and girls of any other race or ethnicity. The Obama Administration called for the advancement of gender equity through the promotion of safe, inclusive, positive learning environments and integrating trauma-sensitive programmatic efforts.

Boys Hope Girls Hope Detroit has answered this call by evolving its residential care setting to a 21st Century Urban Boarding Program that will encompass an optimal learning and social environment where young girls will have the opportunity to enhance their self-esteem, motivation, and their ability to develop the skills needed for a successful life. Our Hope Scholars will be engaged in self-directed and cooperative learning activities and will be housed in a physical environment that is shaped to support those efforts. The Hope House is located in the Green Acres neighborhood in the city of Detroit. The home was built in 1936, is a single family home, with approximately 3,693 square feet.

Girls Hope House Re-envisioned

We are thrilled about these cosmetic changes, which are important, however, the transformational social equity development programming is critically needed. We have re-imagined the needs of a new generation of female leaders and have identified programmatic elements to support their growth. This model will be one of the first of its kind in our country. Moving beyond traditional residential treatment services the programming will be circularly centered around the unique needs of Girls of Color with a pragmatic focus on educational amplification and advancement, social and economic mobility and breakthrough health and wellness programming. Daily programming will include:

  • Financial Literacy, including Home Economics
  • Physical Health and Dietary Nutrition Meals, Classes and Clinics
  • A Spiritual Wellness Space and Art Therapy Sessions
  • Yoga, Mediation, Dance and Fitness Programming
  • An Advanced Literature Club with a traditional library installation and digital library

Summer 2020 Internships

List of Summer Internships in the Metro Detroit area

news and events

In the News

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Due to COVID-19, it is with regret that we must inform you that all our upcoming events have been cancelled. These events have been rescheduled for the summer of next year. During this time, we are still serving kids at a high level, which is needed now more than ever.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we thank you for your interest. We remain committed to nurturing and guiding young people in need to become well-educated, career-ready men and women. We hope to see you next year.

NAIAS Detroit Charity Preview | Rescheduled for June 18, 2021

3rd Annual Ford Body & Exterior Golf Outing | Rescheduled for July 21, 2021

10th Annual Liberty Mutual Golf Invitational | Rescheduled for August 24, 2021

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