Slumming it on PT* spring is the best time to PT* it to work

As the days grow longer, and the rain less frequent, I enjoy walking to my local train station and spending 90 minutes on various PT* options getting to work. As a teacher of the Certificate IV and Diploma of Photoimaging at N.C.A.T, I get to practise what I preach.

Here's a chronological series of the best images I made as I meandered in to work, today Wednesday the 7th of September.

I was delighted to see traffic management in place this morning, which means some construction work will be forthcoming

My journey begins at my local train station, Sunshine. This suburb has a long working class history but is slowly being gentrified. The current station is only a couple of years old and is bristling with hostile architecture.

Sunshine stations runs north south so the light sweeps across the platforms spectacularly.
A selfy in the train window

My next stop today was North Melbourne station There seemed to be a delay today? This gave me ample opportunity to make pictures.

The station has a mixture, of old architecture & new architecture.

The first passenger station at North Melbourne with two platforms was opened on 6 December 1859, and the present six platform station was opened on 9 June 1886.

The Modern end of the station has escalators and lifts, the Victorian era end has only ramps.

The station buildings on the northern concourse were constructed in 1974, and in the 1980s as part of the construction works for the City Loop the ramps to Platforms 1 and 2 were altered, and the platform extended north.

It was upgraded to a Premium station on 19 July 1996 [source]

These advertising boards are a relatively new feature on Melbourne's train stations. the Melbourne Star ferris wheel can be seen in the background.
North Melbourne is a transport hub for both Metropolitan and Regional Rail networks. Left is a V Line regional train, right just on the edge of frame a metropolitan one.
Early morning outbound trains have plenty of seating, I'm on the Upfield line heading north out of the city.

Alighting at Coburg station waiting for my next connection for the last 5 or 6 kilometres is done via a bus, the 903 to be exact.

Bold colours of the KFC make for easy photo fodder in the early morning light
Some cheeky advertising going on near Coburg Station, advertising what though?
The building which houses our facilities for teaching Certificate IV and Diploma of Photoimaging

*PT, is a popular acronym for Public Transport in Melbourne and perhaps Australia

All images made with an iPhone 6 and edited using Aperture, © Stuart Murdoch

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