A lobster is an invertebrate and is a crustation, An adult lobster can grow up to 25-50cm In length and can weigh over 1-2 pounds. The lobsters are grown with bones all on the outside of their body


If there is more than one male lobster interested in the female they will fight over the female lobster until the female releases a sent in the water to let the male know that the female is ready to mate. Then the male fertilize the eggs. The female carries all 5,000 eggs under her tail until 23 months have passed

Lobsters like to eat crabs,clams,starfish, and possibly another lobster. Lobsters do have teeth but they are not in its mouth there teeth are in their stomach they look like 3 molars.

Most lobsters live in coastal regions around the world. During the first 15 days of life the baby lobsters can only live in 3-5 feet of water

The lobsters antennae is covered with tiny hairs pick up chemicals in the water to see when potential predators are coming. The lobsters have two claws to crush prey with



The lobsters prey are cod,flounders,monk fish,dog fis,sculpin,wolffish and ocean pout



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