Hades was The king of the Under World and the god of the Wealth.

He was the son of Cronus and Rhea brother of Posiden and Zeus.

Hades wife being Persphone who he had kidnapped she was made queen.

Hades also has two children Melinoƫ and Macaria.

Hades has been precived as Stuborn, , and Rich.

Why Hades is seen as rich is because he is the god of the riches like the rare metals.

He is quite stubborn he wanted Persephone to be his wife so he decides to kidnap and trick her because he didn't want any other woman.

"Why do we loathe Hades more than any god, if not because he is so adamantine and unyielding?" Many people feared Hades and many gods did as well because he was associated with death thats why his is Fearsome.

The ancient greeks belived in burial and valued that Hades took responsibility for the souls that died. It can also be argued that they valued money he was know as the God of wealth.


Hades was actually not the "Bady Guy."





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