State Of Mind By:Jillian hess

Table of Contents:

"Persistence Of Memory" ...Page One

Concrete Poetry: "Do It All" ...Page two

Journal Entry "Things Unsaid": Best Friends Forever ...Page three

Journal Entry "Pet Peeves" ...Page four

Emotion Poetry "Anger" ...Page five

"A Meal For The Ages" ...Page six

"Enlighten Me" ...Page seven

"I Am Poem" ...Page eight

"Recipe for success" ...Page nine

"Mocassins"...Page ten

Poetry At Random "Halloween Fright" ...Page eleven

Fiction Writing "Ender" ...Page twelve

"Persistence Of Memory"

All around me skies were warped,

a perfect shade of blue indeed, but wrong.

All around me the Earth turned and I couldn't feel.

I couldn't feel my feelings, I couldn't feel how time seemed to wither away.

Rest In Peace my thoughts and dreams,

for there was no going back now.

Rest In Peace my hope and glee,

because because the world was turning a different shade of green.

Not green at all, but a feverish orange that seemed to melt me away.

Melting and melting until time and thoughts and worries, seemed to drift away.

Is this how it feels?

Is this how it feels to be care free?

Take me away from this feverish place,

because I am more worried being carefree.

Take me back to a time and place where I had all the worries in the world.

But now- it's too late.

My cries can't be heard for I'm not awake.

But now- this is what I wanted.

What I wished, no, what I longed for.

This is what I would cry for at night when everyone could hear me.

But all of that is gone.

Time is gone.

And yet again, this is what I wished for.

"Do It All"

Living life in a daze;

years and years seem to slip away.

"But life goes on",

that's what they say.

But what about the end?

What about when I'm old enough that I can't get up?

Does life still go on?

In those days I want to look back and say,

"I'd done it all."


"Best Friends Forever"

Dear anonymous,

Birthday parties, boys, school projects, sleepovers, fights. We went through it all together. You are the only person who understands my weird sense of humor. Well, understood. You were the only one I didn't mind hanging out with all the time. But you weren't perfect. I remember the night like it was yesterday, the last night I talked to you. When you told everyone how ugly I looked, and made sure that you pointed out how crooked my teeth were. Remember that? And sure, maybe that's a stupid thing to be so mad about, but you were supposed to be there for me. You humiliated me. You probably don't even remember. Me calling my mom and dad to come pick me up. Them getting there, me crying. Them demanding me to tell them why I was bawling. And I almost didn't tell them because we were best friends, I thought. But you probably don't even remember. I guess, yeah, I wish I would have told you why it was never the same. And no, it's not because we had different classes. It was because I was fed up with you. The amount of times you made me feel worse about myself, I can't even remember. I wish I would have told you that you hurt me. And now when I see you, it's weird. You turned into the person we said we'd never be. Your friends with people you said you would never be friends with. And I can't say I'm suprised. That's probably what you wanted all along. And, yeah, I do miss you sometimes. I don't know why I'm not glad your gone. I'm sad that I don't even follow you on Instagram anymore, and that you probably took down the pictures of us on your wall. I'm sad to think of all the good memories of us together. The other day I had to talk to you again, I had to look at you. You could tell how different we are now. I don't think we were meant to be friends forever in the first place. I'm happy with my new friends, and I don't need you anymore. It was good while it lasted, but all good things have to end. And maybe now I can finally forget about you, stop crying over you. Maybe now I can accept the fact that we are different, and that's just how it was meant to be.

"Pet Peeves"

My pet peeve is people who think they are so much cooler and better than everyone else. It bothers me so much how they think they can say anything to anyone. For example, people in our grade will straight up laugh at you about something, and not even care how you feel about it. Or in class, someone will waste time and make "jokes", while making the rest of the class wait for them to shut up. People in this generation do not have a filter, or any sense of that word. It's not "cool" to have good grades and people aren't afraid to tell you that. They call you a try hard or an over achiever, like it's bad. And sometimes peoples jokes can cross the line. Kids make ignorant comments that others could take very offensively and just laugh. I wish it was easier to stand up to these people. Hopefully someday they will learn what is right and wrong to say.


There's a fire burning inside,

one that feels like it will never die.

And people like to throw sticks in it,

igniting it deeper inside me.

And no one can change the orange glowing,

that I see when I close my eyes.

And rain hasn't come in a long while,

the earth is going into a drought.

And this fire seems like it will never go out.


"A Meal For the Ages"

It was just a normal Saturday afternoon when we got a call. It was from my sister Meghan's boyfriend, Alex. He talked to my mom and dad and asked if he could come over to ask them something, something he wouldn't tell us. So me and my sister patiently waited, wanting to know badly what was happening. So we made dinner, while me and my sister were trying to guess as to what the surprise was. The doorbell rang and I raced my sister to the door letting Alex in. He came in, acting a little nervous, and sat down at the table. "So, the reason I called over here was to ask you, if I could ask Meghan to marry me." Me and my sister, Maddie, being the weirdos we are, screamed in excitement. We then went to our rooms starting to plan our sisters wedding, as if she wanted our ideas. It was one of he greatest days ever, and also a very memorable meal.

"Enlighten Me"

This is something I don't understand, why do pets have to live a shorter period of time? I mean think about it, they are living, breathing, feeling things. Why should they have a shorter life? There's probably some scientific reasoning to this, but so is there for a lot of things. It's not like there's a benefit for anyone from it, the animals have to die and we have to cry. It's really a lose-lose situation. I had a cat who dies about two years ago. We had to put her down because she had cancer. Her name was Ivy and she was the cutest and sweetest cat. When we had to put her down, I was balling my eyes out for days. I missed her so much, and I still do. A few years before that, I had to bury my cat after she was hit by a car. She was weird and used to lay in the middle of the road, her name was Chika. Because I was younger, it made me witness death from a younger age. It really sucks when your pets die because you have an emotional connection with them. In many cases they made you feel better when you were in a bad situation. They love you and you love them. My dog now, Charli, is one of my best friends. As I have gotten closer to her, I realize how special she is to me. Why can't animals live as long as humans? Someone please enlighten me.

"I Am"

I am intelligent.

I wonder what others think of me.

I hear the world as a beautiful thing.

I see the world as it is.

I want success,

I am intelligent.

I pretend that I enjoy certain things.

I feel that there will always be good in the world.

I touch the sun and remember it's beauty.

I worry too much, about things I shouldn't worry about.

I cry about things like growing up, and feeling lonely.

I am intelligent.

I understand that people won't always see the way I do.

I say we should listen to others ideas more often.

I dream of a world where I can be doing what I love and be proud of myself.

I try to understand why other people do the things they do.

I hope I haven't made anyone feel bad about anything.

I am intelligent.

"Recipe for success"

- You (5 cups)

-Hardwork (7 tablespoons)

-Dreams/aspirations (2 teaspoons)

-Teamwork (1 teaspoon)

-Intelligence (1 pinch)

-Friendliness (3 teaspoons)

-Respect (2 pinches)

-Talent (2 cups)

-Self Confidence (20 cups)


Warm on my feet,

and comfy too.

Moccasins make the world seem a little less tragic.

Although not much support,

their soft to the touch.

Although it's just a shoe,

It come with warmth, and support within.

And although it makes me happy,

People still ask me,

"Why are you wearing slippers?"

Well they may be just a shoe

and they must make you wonder.

But these are not slippers,


These are my moccasins.

"Halloween Fright"

The vastly Halloween leaves quite a spooky fright.

With its scary black night,

it's deathly skeleton face painted misfortunes.

It's fiery orange jack-o-lanterns waiting to cut off your head.

It's fright filled mysterious ghosts appearing out of thin air,

asking, no, yelling at you, wondering why you're there!

The small little elves waiting to bite off your toes.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

And when you think it's all over, when your "safe" at home tucked in bed.

Think again!

For the castly Halloween night is not over until midnight!


By: Jillian Hess

It was a humid summer night in Charleston, North Carolina, the sunset peeking out just above the hills. As glowing fireflies danced around my hair, I was talking to… a man. He was a tall, lanky man whose persona seemed a little bit hazy. He was smiling down at me as I looked up at him. All of a sudden he grabbed me with his skinny, yet very strong arms. I yelped out in shock, but he covered my mouth. I kicked and screamed although it was doing me no justice. The tall lanky boy seemed to be sucking the soul right out of me. Then... I woke up.


My alarm clock blared in my ear as I lazily opened my heavy eyelids, and slammed the snooze button, forgetting the nightmare I had just woken up from.

Five more minutes.

At that very moment the stupid alarm went off again.

“UGHHH, I’m up!”

I reluctantly rolled out of bed, stepping on the homework I finished at two in the morning last night. It’s not that I’m a procrastinator, I literally have hours and hours and hours of homework. Thankful that I took a shower last night, as I only had twenty minutes to get ready, I threw on a striped shirt and some jeans. I threw all of my homework into my bag, making sure to get every single piece of graph paper, and went on my way downstairs. My mom was downstairs watching the news as I went to the breakfast to have some cereal.

“Did you hear about the plane crash up Summerville? Sad. Not many survivors” said my mom in a depressing tone.

Well that was a great, positive, way to start my day.

“What’s wrong Cecily? Did you not get enough sleep?”

“Yeah, I had a lot of homework last night.” I said as I quickly ate my cereal.

Five minutes.

I grabbed my phone that was charging and started to head out the door.

“Have a good day honey. Love you.”

“Love you too mom”, I said as I left the house, stopping quickly to give my mom a hug. She was all I had after dad passed. I hugged her a little tighter, wanting to hug her longer. I let go, holding back tears.

No time for this now.

I always wished me and my mom could talk more. It never went well, I would start bawling, not able to get any words out. Or we would start yelling at eachother. Just angry about the whole situation, the whole outcome. I stopped thinking, telling my mom I loved her one more time, and started heading out the door. I should have held her longer, that’s the last time I hugged her before it happened. And we all know I was never the same after it.


I made my way out onto the half cement half grass bike path leading to school. I always liked this walk, it was peaceful. And even though my mom offers to drive, which is more time efficient, I love this part of my day. I get to look out at the beautiful hills of Charleston. I get to watch the birds chase each other in the sky, and the squirrels run away out of fear. I always wondered why the squirrels run away, its not like I would ever hurt them. But they don't know that, there are always bad people out in the world. Like my dad used to say, “Be careful of the people you trust, they aren’t to be trusted.” I often thought about my dad when I took my morning walks. I missed how he used to play soccer with me, laugh with me, look at the planets with me. He was my best friend, and now he's gone. I felt the tears well up in my eyes and forced myself to think about something else. There was no need, I had finally made it to school. The pleasing sound of four year olds- I mean teenagers screaming, filled my ears, filling my heart with joy. Just kidding. But other than the people that attended Greenview High I, being one of those “weird” kids, actually loved learning. I liked how anyone could do it, no matter what it was. Reading, dancing, math (although my least favorite still important), or even history. I just loved the possibility of anything. Yeah I was one of those suck ups, and I’m not ashamed of it. Anyways, before I go on boring you with the amazingness of learning let me just go on with my story. I finally got to the door of my classroom and saw my best friend, well my only friend, Aaron. I tried to make contact with him as he smoothed over his dirty blonde hair over his dark blue eyes. He was one of those people who would be popular if he wasn’t so into Star Wars and Harry Potter. But that’s why I liked him. He didn’t care if people thought he was “popular” or not. He was in the classroom fifteen minutes early like usual. This was our time to talk about new comics we had read or what we got for our math assignments. I always thought it was funny how-

Come back outside. 843-603-7792

I looked down at my phone as it buzzed in my hand. What? Who is this? They must have the wrong number. Weirded out, I deleted the text and kept walking towards Aaron. And then it buzzed again.

I know who you are Cecily. Come back outside. 843-603-7792

This was getting weird. Is someone playing some sort of joke on me? It wasn’t funny. At all. I didn’t know what to do, so I cautiously backed up and looked out the window that was in the hallway. No one. There were just people out there. Where had they gone? Should I go outside? What if this is a serial killer? Thoughts and questions raced in the back of my mind. Buzz.

I just want to talk to you. Please. 843-603-7792

This is creepy. Maybe it was one of Aaron’s friend who thought I was cool and wanted to talk to me. Who am I kidding, no one thought that. I decided to text back.

Who is this? -Cecily

No answer. Two minutes went by, seconds ticking away on the loud clock above. My heart racing. I give up- he/she was obviously playing a joke me because they thought it was funny. I started to walk again. Buzz.

If you come out I will tell you. You will remember me. I have something important to tell you. 843-603-7792

I was legitimately getting freaked out. You will remember me? What does that mean? I had ten minutes left, maybe I could just go see who it was… I decided to take the chance, maybe it was a friend. I turned around and made my way to the door. I slowly opened it to feel the fall breeze on my face. I looked around. No one. I kept searching, they said they were outside… right? I kept walking out farther and still didn’t see anyone. Still nervous, I looked behind me every now and then hoping I wouldn’t see anyone creeping up. Two minutes went by. Where was the person texting me?


I jumped at the sound of my name, and saw him. A man, a strange man whom I didn’t know. We had learned about it in school, never talk to strangers. Especially creepy ones, who lure you out of school. Who was this man? What did he want from me? I managed to croak these words out, making sure not to blink.

“Wh- who are you?”

He stared at me, searching me. Was I supposed to know him? I searched my mind. Nothing.

“Cecily. I’m your father.”

And it all came back to me.


I remembered him. His dark brown buzzed cut hair. His shining white teeth, that weren’t exactly white anymore. His dark complexion. Everyone said he was dead. I knew he was dead. He had been in a car accident seven years ago.

“You’re lying. My father’s dead.”

“No Cecily. I’m your father, I worked for a special incorporation in the military, they had to fake my death. Cecily, please it’s me.”

“You think I’m that stupid? My dad worked for a hospital, as a technician. You’re insane. Leave me alone.”

I started to turn around and run, maybe I should alert a teacher. I lifted my feet of the ground and started to sprint. I felt something enclose over my ankle, and watched the ground get closer to my face, until I was on the ground. He was trying to kidnap me. I had to get away. I tried to thrash around, anything to get him off of me.

“What are you doing?!” I screamed, praying this was one of my nightmares. It felt too real. Could anyone see me?

“I’m your father!”

I looked around at him as he grabbed my arms, trying to kick him, bite him. Nothing was working. What did he want from me? Was he going to kill me? Would I be one of those kids to go missing, and only have a missing poster after everyone gave up? Why can’t anyone hear me? He had gotten a hold on me and was covering my mouth. He was dragging me away, and my mind just went blank. No one was going to save me, and it was all over. I stopped thrashing as my eyelids closed, and real life went blank.


The sun shined through the closed blinds as I opened my eyes, vision still blurry. What a nightmare, I recalled last nights dream so vividly. I opened my eyes, to see the dresser on the wrong side of my room. It was also the wrong color, size. And then I realised this wasn’t my room. I held back a scream as I remembered that I had ben kidnapped, by my supposed father. I knew he wasn’t my father, I mean what kind of father would kidnap his own daughter? Maybe someone was lying to me? Maybe he is my dad. No, no now i’m going crazy. I need to stay calm, I need to find a way out. I looked around the room, there was a window, a dresser, a lamp, and a bed. The setup of it all made it look like an old motel room, made it more creepy. Other than the fact that I had just been kidnapped, this room was creeping me out. I got up out of bed and noticed that I was still in my clothes. How many days had I been out? As I got up I winced at the pain from a bruise on my lower leg, as I accidentally hit it. I made my way over to the the window to see if it was open, a way to escape. I opened the blinds and saw gray, I looked up through the window. I was in the basement. I checked to see if the window was unlocked, also making sure I didn’t hear footsteps. Locked. I sighed and made my way over to the dresser to see if there was anything in it. I opened the top drawer and of course, nothing. I then proceeded to open the second drawer, nothing. And then the third, and as I was closing it, something caught my eye. It was a piece of paper smaller than the size of my pinky. Desperate for anything, I took the paper out of its hiding place, stuck between a screw and the inside of the wood. Almost as if they were afraid of someone finding it, someone dangerous. I took the paper and read the writing on it. I stopped myself from screaming. And then the door opened. He came inside, the man who had just tackled me yesterday. Except, he looked very different. He was wearing a tie, and had combed his hair. I quickly put the paper in my pocket, still unpleasantly surprised by the words. He didn’t seem to notice.

“How was your sleep?”

So I had been here overnight. My stomach twisted as he spoke. I stood there for a couple of seconds, silence. Should I confront him? Is he crazy? Will he lash out? I decided to play along, feel it out.

“It was good. Other than the fact you kidnapped me.”

I couldn’t help myself. He didn’t seem to mind, he chuckled and said,

“Breakfast is ready in the kitchen, come help yourself.”

He walked out. Is he really going to let me go out into the kitchen? I decided to go, maybe I would see a chance to run. Then, I heard a loud laugh coming from the kitchen. This laugh was coming from a girl. Did he have the T.V. on? It sounded too close. I went out and to my surprise I saw three teenage girls sitting in the kitchen. What the heck? He kidnapped other girls too? What is going on?

“Cecily! Pleased to meet you! My names Camren.”

She took my hand and shook it. Why was she so comfortable in this house? I threw her hand off of me, mad at the way she tried to normalize the situation.

“What are you doing?”

I whispered it, scared of how He would respond to me. I mean the guy is crazy. She gave me a dead stare, warning me.

“I can’t wait to get to know you, later.”

She emphasized the word “later”.

“But for now let’s go enjoy breakfast.”

Maybe she would help me, let me know what was going on. But then I remembered the messy handwritten note I had found in ‘my’ dresser. The note which had said:

“Don’t trust any of them”.

I walked over to the table reluctantly, not wanting to be near any of them. My mind hurt, I couldn’t even think. I ate my breakfast in silence, afraid, as the girls around me chatted happily. I had two pieces of bacon, a chocolate chip waffle, and milk. I usually would have been happy to have this delicious breakfast, but my stomach felt like it was being twisted and stabbed. I closed my eyes and tried to picture my mother, my best friend. They seemed like a distant memory, like something I had seen on T.V. I wonder if they are searching for me, if they even know I’m gone. Of course they are. Almost like someone answering my question, I heard my name coming from the small T.V. in the living room. And then I saw her, my mother, crying. I ran over to the T.V. not caring if my ‘father’ got mad at me. I ran over begging for my mother to see me. I felt like I was going to go crazy. I felt arms come around me and pull me to the bedroom. I wanted to be with my mom so badly, but I knew I was going to have to fight to get out. Then I passed out.

I woke up to the sound of laughter. I knew where I was, the laughter sounded fake like reality T.V. I closed my eyes wishing I could never wake up. I decided to go out there, to see if I could get something to eat. I felt horrible thinking I was getting used to this. Thinking maybe I would soon be like those girls out there, forced to laugh, forced to be happy. I went out to see, him, and all the other girls. They were sitting around the table playing a card game. It looked like the scene out of a horror movie. The girls had dark circles under their eyes, and he sat there looking amused, it made me want to kill him.

“Hey there Cecily.” he said, like everything was perfectly fine, like we were one perfectly happy family.

I forced a smile, and asked what time it was.

“It’s about 6:25, dinner’s almost ready. Hungry?”

“Yeah” I should play along, earn his trust. It might be easier for me to get out of here.

“Well let me just get everything ready, have a seat.” he smiled at me, for a little bit too long.

I sat down next to the girl who I talked to earlier, she looked at me and looked back down. What was her problem? Was there girl drama even when we have all been kidnapped? He then came over with the plates with food on them. It looked and smelled so good. I ate really fastly, not worried about what the others thought of me. He started laughing,

“You must have been really hungry” he chuckled.

“Yeah” I said slowing down.

I noticed the girl next to me shift in her seat like she was uncomfortable.

When dinner was over, he got up took our plates and silverware to the kitchen.

“Camren, you want to start the movie?” he said.

“Yeah” she said. Camren, the girl I first talked to.

I guess now we were watching a movie? I have to spend more time with these weirdos? This is weird.

“I will see you girls tomorrow, goodnight.” he said.

Thank god, he’s not watching it with us. Maybe I could ask questions, like where the heck I was, and why all of these people are so calm? After he finished washing the dishes in silence, I noticed him put the forks away in a locked cabinet. Did he not trust us? He made his way down the hall towards his room.

“Goodnight girls.” he said eerily, standing there like he was expecting a response.

“Goodnight father.” all of the other girls said in unison.

This place was getting weirder by the minute. As he went to his room, I heard his door lock. Time to ask questions, although I didn’t know what to ask first. They all looked at me like they were expecting it.

“How long have you all been here?” weird that that was my first question, but it had been in the back of my mind since I saw them.

“I think about four months” it was the first time I had seen her talk. She was quiet the whole time, I asked her what her name was.

“Sara” I wonder if she wants to get out of here too. Of course she does, right?

“Me and Lola have been here for about a year and a half.” A year and a half? How could someone be here for so long. Wouldn’t the police have found them? Or would he have killed them already? Maybe he wasn’t a murderer, but what about that note I found in my drawer?

“Have you ever tried to escape?” I wanted to know, maybe they had.

“Obviously, but if you couldn’t tell, we are literally out in the middle of nowhere. Besides he always has an eye on all of us.” Camren spat.

Geez, I mean I just got kidnapped, is it rude for me to ask questions? I had a feeling Camren didn’t like me. And, no, I hadn’t noticed we were in the middle of nowhere, all the windows are literally boarded up. He doesn’t always have an eye on all of us, what about right now? But I didn’t say that, I couldn’t afford to have enemies in here. I needed all the help I could get. The movie started, and we moved to the couches. I sat next to Sara, she seemed to be the nicest one here. We were watching High School Musical, one of my most hated movies. But I didn’t care, at least I could see a bit of normal for a little bit. We all watched in silence, it was bizarre. It was like all the questions had left my brain. But then Lola and Carmen started talking together, so I decided to talk to Sara.

“Have you ever tried to escape?” I tried again.

“Yeah, but I was almost killed,” she said like she was used to it “I never tried again.”

“Oh. So there’s no way out then?”

“I mean I’m sure there is, but it’s not like Carmen’s going to help” she said with a weak laugh.

“What do you mean?”

“Carmen has a thing for him, or at least she thinks she does, this kind of thing can really make you go crazy” she looked down, like she was giving up.

“That’s bizarre,” she nodded agreeingly “well, what would you say If I thought of a way out of here?” I felt I could trust her, she seemed to want out of here just as much as I did.

“I don’t know, what were you thinking?”

All of a sudden I heard his door unlock, and footsteps come down the hall. The room went silent.

“How are you girls doing out here?”

“Good” Unison again.

“You have another half an hour until bedtime, I will be back out then. Enjoy your movie” he flashed a smile.

“Thankyou father” I noticed Carmen smile.

Footsteps made their way down the hall once again, the door locked. I waited for Lola and Carmen to start ‘chatting’ again.

“Why do you call him father?” I was curious, that’s what he had called me when he took me.

“Well, unfortunately, we aren’t his first victims. Apparently, he murders the people who don’t obey. I’m lucky to still be here. Anyways, he like’s to be called father because it’s kindof his trademark. Before he kidnapped any of us, he told us he was our father. I don’t know, he’s a psychopath, I can’t explain why he does it.” It made me want to cry, why do I have to be here?

“We have to get out of here, let me tell you what I’m thinking.”

I told her about how I had seen where he keeps his knives, and how we could break through the window during our ‘movie’ time. We could break into the cabinet, and use the knife for protection. We could break through the window tomorrow night after we hear his door lock. And if he happens to catch us, we know what we have to do. She nodded in agreement, it was a plan.

“What about Lola and Carmen?”

“Once we get out we run until we find anyone, and get help. The police can come rescue them.”

“What if he…” she paused not wanting to think about the possibility, “hurts them?”

“I know. But we can’t risk them blowing the plan, especially Carmen, she doesn’t seem to be on my side.”

She thought about it for a minute and nodded. Tomorrow night I was getting out of here. Sara and I sat in silence as the movie went on. In my head I visioned my escape, I got butterflies from the thought of going home. I thought of my mom and my bed, and I knew I was going to do whatever it took to get out of here. Finally, after about fifteen minutes, he came out of his room to tell us to go to bed. He watched us go into our rooms, and finally I was alone. I sat in my bed for a few minutes, just staring at the ceiling. I slowly drifted off to sleep.. Until, finally, I fell asleep.


I woke up to the sound of talking in the kitchen, once again I walked out while they were all sitting there. Lola and Carmen were talking, Sara smiled at me as I walked in. I smiled back.

“Goodmorning Cecily, you’re a heavy sleeper, aren’t you?” He smiled, I forced a smile back.

After we finished breakfast, I watched him lock the silverware drawer once again. The day went by slowly, until finally we were eating dinner. I watched as he washed and put away the plates and silverware, but just as he was going to lock the silverware drawer,

“OW!” I yelled as I fell to the floor.

I watched as he put his key in his pocket and came over to see what was wrong.

“Are you okay?” he said.

“Yeah,” I said cringing with ‘pain’ “I think I just had a bad side cramp, I get those sometimes in the morning.”

“Okay, are you sure?” he said as I slowly got up in my chair.

“Well how about we start a movie?” he said, trying to change the subject.

He started the movie and told us he would be out later. I watched as he stopped just before the hallway, scratch his head and make his way to his room. It worked, our plan was working, now I just had to get to my room. I looked at Sara and nodded. The next part of our plan was for me to go to the restroom, I would be in there for a while. Sara wold then pretend that she was worried about me and then come ‘check’ on me. On her way she would quietly grab a knife from the drawer, that was left unlocked, and bring it to the restroom. We would then go to my room, bust it open, and make a run for it, from there we would try and find any help.

“Where is the restroom?” I said loudly enough for the other girls to hear.

“Down the hall, first door to the left.” Carmen said, then went back talking to Lola.

Things were going according to plan. I made my way to the hallway, and went into the bathroom. I already knew where it was, they must not have not noticed. I stared at the wall paper as I sat on the toilet, waiting for Sara to arrive. Five minutes went by, and then ten, and then fifteen, twenty. Finally I heard a knock on the door.

“You ok Cecily?” It was Sara.

I smiled and opened the door to see Sara holding a knife, things were working. I might just actually get out.

“Let’s go” I whispered.

“What are you doing?” It was him.

I quickly grabbed the knife from Sara and put it under my shirt, in between the elastic on my pants and my stomach.

“Um, Cecily- I was checking on Cecily, she was having some- girl troubles.. If you know what I mean.” She gave him a faint smile.

“Oh, okay. Did you take care of it?”

“Yep, everything’s under control. Thanks.” she assured him.

“Okay,” he gave us a smile back, creepy, “I will be back out in a little bit.”

“Okay” she smiled.

He left went to his room and, like every other night, locked his door. As soon as I knew he couldn’t hear us, “you’re pretty good under pressure.”

“Ha, yeah I mean, I’ve been here for a while.” She laughed.

“After you,” I held the door open for her.

We made or way out to the hallway and into my bedroom, making sure not to even take a breath. Once we were in my room with the door closed, I took the knife out of my shirt, and handed it to Sara.

“Okay, how do you think we can get this window open?” she asked, pulling up at the bottom of it.

“There’s a lock down at the bottom of it, I was thinking we could use this knife to get it open.” As I was saying this Sara started using the knife to break open the lock. And then, I heard his door unlock. We stopped frozen as his footsteps came down the hall and stopped right in front of our door. The doorknob slowly opened, and Sara started hitting the lock even harder than before. He opened the door and stared right at me, as though he was telling me it was over.

“Sara hand me the knife!” I yelled, needing protection.

Keeping my eyes on him, Sara stopped hitting the lock. And then I heard laughing.

“Hahaha” Sara was laughing.

And then I heard even more laughing, coming from Lola and Carmen who stepped into view just behind him. And then I remembered the note I had found in my drawer.

Don’t trust any of them

‘Bang!’ and then I was asleep.


“Wakey wakey” I woke up to the sound of his voice.

I wanted to scream as I opened my eyes, but my mouth was taped shut.

“Finally, you’re awake. Now I can kill you.” he said, laughing.

I screamed, which made him laugh even harder.

“I suppose I should tell you why I am killing you..” he chuckled. “Well this story begins with your father, and no I’m not your father, I’m not that crazy,” he chuckled, I would beg to differ, “I worked with him as a technician at Saint View Hospital back in 2005. Well, we didn’t get along so well, and your father ended up getting me fired, from the only job I ever loved, was ever good at. I told him that I would kill him and his family. He called me crazy and little did he know what I was capable of. When he was coming home from work one day I kidnapped him, brought him here, and you can fill in the rest.” So he killed my father, they all told me he died in a car crash. I felt tears sting my eyes as I realised my dad had left the note that I read, warning me. I wasn’t going to let this man kill me, not for my father. He turned around to grab a weapon, and I kicked him as hard as I could right in the face. I used to play soccer, the kick knocked him right out. I ran to the window took an alarm clock sitting on the table near my bed, and threw it as hard as I could. The window broke open, I climbed up and out and ran as fast as I ever had.


I saw a bright light ahead of me, I ran to it, soon realising it was a car. I ran to the car and told them everything, they took me home and brought me to my mother. She called the police, and I told them where I had ran from and who was in the house. Eventually they found all three of the girls, whose names were Kimberly Scoff (Camren), Lauren Scoff (Sara), and Chelsea Scoff (Lola). They were the sisters of ‘him’ whose name is Josh Scoff. They were all sentenced to life in prison, as they were all adults. It felt good to be home, and I felt closer to my dad than ever, I knew I was here because of him. I could finally go to school again, and I made a lot of new friends, who were mostly interested with what happened to me, but still. I was glad this happened to me, it made me a stronger person ready to take on the world. Me and my mom were finally close again, and as for me and my dad, well, I have never felt like I knew him better than I do right now. Life was getting better, slowly. You just need to see what it’s like to be worse off, then you know what it’s like to be truly happy.

Left photo: Vero Beach, Florida. Right Photo: Des Moines Playhouse.

About the author:

My name is Jillian Hess, and I'm in the ninth grade. I love to write all sorts of different styles of writing, but I love to write poetry. I also like to sing, act, and perform. Every summer I participate in a camp at The Desmoines Playhouse, and this year I was in Camp Rock: The musical. (I know that's a really cheesy play, but it was actually really fun.) My favorite class is definitely Creative Writing, and I love to let out my thoughts and feelings and create something I can be proud of. I also want to say thank you to Mrs.Ward for a great semester!

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