Little Suamico My Local Government By: Bella Spagnoletti

Town Hall Address: 5964 County road S. Sobieski

Recycling Fees

The board of trustees wants to change the fee prices to have junk recycled.

To name a few:

  • LED Bulbs- $2.50
  • PC Moniters- $15.00
  • Microwave- $2.00

The government is handling the issue of changing the recycling fees by having the board vote on the weather they agree with the new changes or not. I do not agree with how the board is dealing with the situations. I feel that first, the prices are too high and second, that more people should have a voice in the matter. My solution is to have the entire community vote on weather they think the prices are fair.

Other issues concerning Little Suamico:

  • Road costs- Storms causing alt use increase
  • Recycling Center cash drawer increase- Dollar amount raised from $50 to $75
  • Revision of service fees- Prices changing on planning, building permits, park facility fees and others
  • New road names- Simular names want to be used on new roads, but people are worried about confusing emergency services or other pedestrians.
  • Change in recycling fees- Fess for recycling certain items are changing.


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