Town of Chase My Local Government

8481 County Road S, Pulaski WI 54162

Issue: Purchase of a new fire truck

Decision: The Town of Chase voted 'no' on the purchase of the new fire truck. It was over ruled, and the first payment is due in April. There will be another payment that is due in October.

Opinion: My thoughts were that we should not get a new fire truck. I think it is too much money to buy a brand new one. I wandered if we could buy a used one, so that it won't be as expensive.

Explaination: In reality, the new fire truck would most likely be the best decision. The reason for this is you know that it's going to run, it won't need as many repairs over tome, and so it will last longer. I think getting a new fire truck is the best idea, because our town needs to be safe. In order to do that we need a strong fire department. If that means buying a new fire truck, than I'm all in for this. In conclusion, I believe that the new fire truck is the best choice. It will provide better safety for the community by using it for necessary things.

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