Say Cheese to our Citrus Mascarpone Cheesecake

Mascarpone Magic

There's something luxurious when you make your cheesecake with mascarpone, and not just good ol' cream cheese. You get a silkier, softer roundness in the mouth.

Pleasant Pucker

And ours has a bright, clean zing of citrus too — from lots of orange and lemon zest, plus a bold squeeze of lemon juice, enough to give you a pleasant pucker without the sour. Can't find any zest in the cake? Well, we strained them all out for an ultra-smooth finish.

Attention to Details

For a flawless look and color, we bake our cake in a water bath low and snail-slow, and we give it an unhurried rest for a nice, precise unmold.

Definite, clear lines

around the rim

Clean, smooth lines

around the girth

We tamp and pre-bake our crust with care, so it never bleeds into the cheese.

Speaking of crust,

we don't just use crackers — ours is a Spanish Digestive — we add almond flour for greater taste and texture, all blended together with fine Normandy butter.

Calligraphed Chocolate Discs

If you'd like to walk a different path from the traditional Happy Birthday cursives . . .

The baker in a practice run, checking for the viscosity and color of her chocolate blend, and testing her "nib"

You could have your initials, perhaps, and tell your friends how old you are . . .

Or you could speak of L-O-V-E and אהבה (a-ha-va-h), the four Hebrew letters that spell LOVE

Or you could simply spoil yourself silly and name a cake after yourself, like this little number called

Gâteau Vivienne

All our discs are made with tempered 72% dark chocolate, and our calligraphy is a blend of Belgian white chocolate with a smidgeon of 72% dark.

Say Cheese

to our Citrus Mascarpone Cheesecake

6 inch・750g・$48

7 inch・1.05kg・$58


chocolate discs・$16


please call us a week ahead・delivery available

11 toh tuck road・596290

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