Designing Flyers basic rules for non-designers

Most important information goes on top in Larger Text.

Information is organized from Left to Right most naturally. (Eye is moving towards lower right hand corner or center.)

Do not obscure most important information. (Time, Date, Location)

Be sure to include contact information!

Color scheme:

  • Do not let the background obscure the text.
  • Stick to two or three main colors.
  • Always think about contrast.

Be aware of KEY INFORMATION and MESSAGE first. Use graphics to bring it out. Eliminate anything that obscures the key points.

Limit the number of fonts used. Do not use fancy fonts for body text.

Study similar materials in the style you are interested in, and consider adopting the font or color scheme.


  • What kind of background does it use?
  • How many basic colors?
  • How many images?
  • What kind of information?
  • etc.

Design resources:

  • Adobe Spark
  • Adobe Illustrator (for serious designing: consider subscribing to Creative Cloud)
  • Various easy-to-use Apple and Android design apps

Now get cracking!

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