Trench Warfare Survival By: Courtney smith

Gas Mask

I would take a gas mask with me into the trenchs because of all the gas bombs that the people drop into the trenchs. I would take a gas mask and get the best gas mask because if you can't survive the gas then you can't survive the bombs. The gas mask would be very helpful when you are walking to the trenchs too.

("AIF/CMF Uniforms")


Socks would be so helpful when you are in the trenchs because you don't want to get trench foot. It will also help to keep your hands warm in the winter. Socks would also be useful to keep your hands and feet safe from rats when your sleeping.


Entrenching Tool

I would bring a entrenching tool with me into the trenches because you could dig more things in the trenches. It would be very useful to dig out all the trenches and help make rooms for everyone in the trenches. I would also use this trenching tool to help dig bathrooms.


Steel Helmet

I would bring a steel helmet with me into the trenches because they would be useful to help protect you from bombs or guns. They would also be good for holding things in them so that they don't get soaking wet in the trenches. These helmets would also be good for sheilding your face before you put your gas mask on.

("American Model")

Pen and Paper

I would bring pen and paper because you could write home to your family. You could also use a pen and paper to play games! You could play tic tac toe, dots and boxes, and you could also draw.

("Plan Your Day")

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