Amboseli Elephants etc.....

Lots of herds mostly going to and coming from the swamps.
Swamp in foreground and out there in the distance is a couple of dust devils seen frequently on the dry plains.
If you know how large a bull is, you can see how deep the water is.
Very deep!
The water line shows you how deep the swamps can be. The little ones are completely dark!
Tim!! One of the last Tuskers left alive. Fortunately he is collared and protected by Big Life.
Thanks for making an appearance, Tim!
He had a friend with him who seemed small in comparison but he really isn't!
Nice and crusty with mud.
Mom and baby and assorted birds.
More Goliath heron. Only interested in doing nothing except standing around and cleaning its feathers.
Found a few more the lions. More cubs this time.
Not very sharp which is frustrating.
He's pretty beat up. Lots of scars. Fresh scratches on his lips. Notice he's not very dirty unlike the cubs and lionesses.
Created By
Nancy Lewis

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