LG Smart Diagnosis minimize costly, inconvenient service calls

Once upon a time your kitchen was designed for the basics of cooking and cleaning. Now, with wifi connected appliances, you can maintain your home and monitor it's appliances from anywhere! Using, of course, just your smart phone.

But why do you NEED appliances that have wifi? Let's start with the reason we care about most: saving time & money :)

LG's SmartThinQ technology enhances the efficiency and convenience of LG appliances, ranging from refrigerators to dishwashers and even laundry pairs. This feature helps the service center diagnose problems over the phone, or with a smart phone app, helping you minimize costly, inconvenient service calls. So when Grandma needs to have her fridge looked at, she doesn't need to navigate the app store or even own a smart phone! LG's Smart Diagnosis emits a few beeps that allow their technicians to properly diagnosis the issue....all accomplished simply by Grandma holding her old corded land line up to the LG Smart Diagnosis icon on her fridge. A solution as easy to swallow as her lemon meringue pie! We like the sound of that! So let's talk more about what Gerhard's & LG can offer your home with LG's 36 Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator.

Here on display at our Glenside location, this 36 Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator offers you fresh food AND piece of mind. With Slim SpacePlus, LG'S newest design on ice makers, customer's can have up to 2 cu feet of extra room in their refrigerator! How? Slim SpacePlus actually folds into the french door, opening up much more space for you to fit all of your monthly grocery needs. Plus it comes in flawless black stainless steel, which resists sticky finger prints and wipes clean with simple water.

What about durability? Customers who may have a concern or experience a service-related problem can rest at ease. Smart Diagnosis makes service calls a breeze. Normally, a service call to the home involves quite a few steps and a hefty price tag. It is not uncommon in the industry for service fees to range between $100-$150 just to knock on your front door. And even with the $150 spent, service technicians often needed to diagnosis problems on the spot and then return to the company for parts. LG has taken away the multi-trip headache. Your Smart Diagnosis has already let LG know what parts to send, eliminating the hassle of a second or third trip. AND in 35% of cases, LG reports that troubleshooting with Smart Diagnosis can be done right over the phone and customers can end their call with a fixed refrigerator, with no fees or hassles!!

Gerhard's Glenside Display

Fantastic! But what about the other appliances mentioned? The ones that can be diagnosed with Smart ThinQ...has LG offered one or two models to complete the package? Lean in so I can let you in on the secret.....

LG and LG Signature lines have over 30 models of wifi connected appliances!! Such as the LG Fully Integrated Dishwasher LDF7774ST. This stainless steel dishwasher runs on the same app as your LG refrigerator! And better yet, it's also on display here at Gerhard's Glenside, so pop in and #shoplocal!!

LG Top Control Dishwasher

Now you can shop with peace of mind. From ranges to laundry and most things in between, LG and Gerhard's Connected Appliance blog have you covered...the Smart way!

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