Expectations vs. Realities Leigh high school sports

When I first started Leigh High school I thought sports here was going to be like this.....

Soccer players: Sophia Rodriguez, Kevin Girarad and Samantha Sheikh
Basketball players: Shelby Tsudama and Noah Krish
Softball player: Gillian Ibarra / Baseball player: Evan Cooper

But in reality, it is more like this.....

Girl's Softball dugouts vs. Boy's Baseball dugouts
Boys Baseball bullpens (one on the right could also be a batting cage)
Girls Softball bullpen
Winter sports catalog (not just for boys sports!)
JV Basketball pages (same for all sports: girls don't get a picture)
Girl's basketball game schedule (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
Boy's basketball game schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays (Friday games are more convenient because it's the end of the week so students don't have school the next day to worry about.)
This is the cover of the most recent school newspaper. There isn't one article specifically devoted to girls sports.

Obviously my expectations of a fun and equal sports program at my new school didn't come close to matching what the reality actually is.

Thank you for watching my presentation

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