Girl on Girl Hate by jackie urrutia & hector montes

Fighting a is very common thing in school mostly since things can go out of hand. Some fight for the most tiniest thing and sometimes for no reason at all. Alejandra Lopez,11, a student of Mr. Rodriguez class decided to create a solution for Girl on Girl hate.

“I chose this topic because I went based on the conflicts that happen to my friends so that gave me an idea for my project since it happens a lot here and there is a lot of girls that don’t know how to handle themselves and stop it,” Lopez said.

Girls cope with these types of situations by not talking to each other and try to join another group of girls and at the end they keep on switching and switching which becomes a not ending cycle.

“Mostly is like jealousy of one another since most girls feel like there are superior than their other friends so they get like jealous. They are not always negative since some girls don’t really care about it like if her friend does it they don’t care about it and they keep being their friends but I think that little by little trust keeps on breaking,” Lopez said.

Lopez believes that this conflict could be solved by girls talking since she knows that girls could have a calm talk but they have to let time pass so that they can could down and be more calm, so that they can talk calmly and at the end talk civilized.

“I think that the school think it just plain high school drama and they shouldn’t care about it but if they want kids to at least feel safe here and feel comfortable, I think they should think about it more,” Lopez said.

She plans in doing a workshop about how friendships tend to break and how girls feel they are alone. Her workshop will consist of a mini session of just letting out their emotions and trying to learn how to communicate without using physical touch and just use more of emotional touch to let out whatever they have inside them that is consuming them.

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