My Hero Written by Jack Cooperman

Here is the Hamilton soundtrack by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Alexander Hamilton is my hero because he contributed greatly to our society today. From humble beginnings, he became one of the most brilliant political thinkers in America. He fought in the Revolutionary War as Washington's right-hand man and single-handedly developed the Federalist Party. Without him, the Constitution may be very different. And if our constitution were different, our society would be more so. Plus, if not for Hamilton our country would be more in debt as it is today, for he developed the national bank that supported national business and paid off the debt.

What is a Hero?

A hero is, by my definition, someone who goes out of their own way to help or assist other people in their activities. A hero stands up for what he believes in and tries to make the world a better place.

I like this quote so much because I agree with every word Ms. Angelou said. A hero cannot be selfish, if so he would not be a hero. A hero has to think of others first and work to give everyone else liberties and things before he benefits from that. Although Alexander Hamilton is no longer with us, I firmly believe he wrote the Federalist Papers because he truly thought a stronger national government would be best. He worked long and hard to fight for the people, giving them a more united country to live in. He also advocated for an industrialized, trading empire which would make America prosper and happy. We have this system today, which shows that he was hard working to accomplish his goal.

A hero is: intelligent, selfless, courageous, modest, brave, kind, caring, noble, forgiving, and calm in the face of danger.

Heroes, like Alexander Hamilton, have strict morals as to how they live their lives. By adhering to these principles they determine what is right and what is wrong, a quality that defines a hero.

Like this image suggests, Hamilton was a classic rags-to-riches story. He grew up in a family that was poor and unemployed. He did not have anything except his intelligence, but he studied and worked hard to give himself a new life. He was so determined that he got himself a scholarship to King's College in America.

This is yet another reason why Hamilton is my hero. From almost nothing, Hamilton worked and worked to make himself a better life. This is deeply inspirational to me, especially because he used his intelligence to give people a good government. Hard-working and determination are key traits of a hero.

Heroes Today Compared To Alexander Hamilton

By definition, this fire-fighter is a hero because he is extinguishing a burning house and saving peoples' lives. By keeping everyone safe firemen try to make our society a better one to live in. Hamilton relates to this because he served in the Continental Army and was willing to die for independence and freedom from oppressive Britain. His willingness to lay down his life shows that he is determined, courageous, and grounded in his pursuits to stand up for what he believes in.

Just like this soldier, Hamilton fought in the Revolutionary War, securing our freedom and independence from Britain. This is a debt I can never repay, but greatly admire. I wish Hamilton were here so I could express my sincere gratitude.


The musical made about Hamilton is proof to me that many people are inspired by Hamilton's life and accomplishments. I believe he is a true hero for he was hard-working, determined, courageous to introduce new ideas, intelligent, and stood up for what he believed in. I most admire him for serving in the Continental Army and laying down his life for his country. This shows that he was truly selfless. He knew the risks, but that didn't stop him from rebelling against the oppressor that was Britain. For all these reasons, Hamilton is my hero.


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