DCSS: South Peace Campus November News


The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) created the RBC 150 in celebration and preparation for Canada’s 150th Birthday. RBC offered youth and young adults aged 16-24 an opportunity to apply for $150 with the intent of making a difference in their communities. Hanna and Eryn Minifie, grade 11 students at the South Peace Campus, applied for and received the $150 from the Royal Bank. The girls’ application outlined their intent to provide a great Christmas for families in need in the Dawson Creek area. Hanna and Eryn were extremely happy to receive the money but felt they could do more to increase the amount. The girls decided to challenge local businesses to match the $150. They wrote a letter outlining their intentions and with the help of the local Chamber of Commerce, the girls were able to turn their $150 into $2550 within twenty-four hours! The girls will work with local charities to ensure the money they raised will go directly to supporting families in need this upcoming holiday season..... November 23 Update: The girls now have $5000 to support families for the holiday season!!


South Peace Campus volleyball teams had an extremely successful fall season. For the first time in many, many years, the South Peace Campus had a Senior Boys Volleyball Team. The boys did not win many matches throughout the season but they certainly showed great improvement each time they were on the court. A special thank you goes out to Leonard Hiebert (Head Coach) and Shannon Delawsky (Teacher Sponsor) for the many hours they put into coaching and supporting the team.

Senior Boys Volleyball

The Senior Girls Volleyball Team had a great season. The girls won many matches and competed for top honours in numerous tournaments. Unfortunately the team was riddled with injuries late in the season. The team went to the Zone tournament last weekend with six healthy players! The girls persevered and took home third place within the North Central Zone! Congratulations to the team and thank you to coaches Glenn Power and Richell Schwartz!

Senior Girls Volleyball

The Junior Girls Volleyball Team ran through their season winning most, if not every, set they played. They finished the Zone tournament, held in Dawson Creek, with an unblemished record! The girls will travel to Delta, BC next weekend to participate in the Provincial Tournament! What an exciting season! Congratulations to the team, coaches and managers! Thank you Laura-Lea Gibson, Steve Gibson and Garry Mah for their dedication to our athletes and for the many hours spent in gyms in the last few months!

Penguins In The Pool!

The first ever DCSS Swim Team traveled to Kamloops last weekend for provincials! Seven athletes represented DCSS in the meet. Six of seven athletes earned personal best times in the events they participated in! The team and bus driver were hit with flu-like symptoms on their way down to Kamloops! Perseverance and determination helped the athletes hit the pool with speedy intentions! We hope this is the beginning a something great! Thanks to Coach Tove Schilds for taking on the coaching responsibilities for our swimmers.

Provincials 2016
We are regularly supported by local businesses as we work to reduce the individual cost per athlete for participation on teams. We will recognize our community partners in upcoming newsletters and on our website. We are truly appreciative of the financial support we receive as it enables a greater number of athletes to compete in their sport of choice!

Early Dismissal and Parent-Teacher Interviews

The early dismissal days will take place this Wednesday and Thursday, November 23 and 24. Parents are asked to call Mrs. Fossum in the main office, to book appointments to meet with teachers between the hours for 2:15 and 4:30. We understand that our interview times may not meet the needs of all parents and guardians. Parents and guardians who are unable to come to the school during the advertised meeting times are encouraged to arrange alternate times with teachers. Teachers may be reached by phone at the school outside of instructional time (250-782-5585) or by email. All School District #59 employees may be reached by email in the similar manner: firstname_lastname@sd59.bc.ca and/or firstinitiallastname@sd59.bc.ca for example: paul_chisholm@sd59.bc.ca or pchisholm@sd59.bc.ca. Please do not hesitate to email your student’s teachers. Most teachers have posted times when they provide extra help after or before school hours; parent may choose to connect with teachers during these times.

Report Cards

Report cards were mailed out Tuesday, November 22. Parents who do not receive report cards prior to parent-teacher interviews may have a report card printed in the office when they arrive at the school.

We experienced a number of technical challenges in our attempts to print report cards and Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for this round of reporting. The database that holds the IEPs in particular was ‘glitchy’ and did not save many new comments and reports that were written. We are in the process of re-typing and printing IEP a number of reports. The site-based Internet was either down or excessively slow as we attempted to pull the report cards off line. We apologize for the late mailing of the cards. It was certainly our intent to have the cards in parent and guardian hands prior to interview dates.


Library Update November 2016 with Mrs. Fox

It has been a great start to the school year. Lots of activity in the library with new staff, books, and programs. We have new tables that have added colour as well as versatility to how the space is used. This means I have added some more stools, which the students love for a variety of reasons! The new beanbag cushions are also very popular and well used.

With a BIG thank you to the PAC for their generous donation to help increase our graphic novel collection. I have been adding new novels to this section and have created a separate shelving area. The books are well used and flying off the shelves.

We welcomed a new staff member this year. Mrs. Chmelyk came to us from Pouce Coupe Elementary. She is quickly learning student names and the various jobs that keep the library functioning. It has been a seamless and successful transition.

Students are also able to come in outside of class times and use the library for a variety of activities. There are board games, a puzzle and other things for students to enjoy.

Another big change is being able to bring a drink into the library. Containers with secure, non-screw top lids like water bottles, thermos mugs are welcome.

The final piece of exciting news is that we have a photocopier. Students will now be able to make colour copies as well as bring in a memory stick or access files from online to print off. An account will be given to each student with a reasonable amount of credit to be able to print off necessary items. Students are also encouraged to use Peacenet to do their work and to send work to their teachers. (If you are not sure what Peacenet is please have your student show you or come in and see Ms. Fox)

Ms. Fox was very happy to have all the grade 10 classes through the library for orientation. She had a power point and scavenger hunt both of which allowed students to use library books, access and use Peacenet, and become familiar with the space. Students completed questions and handed them in via Peacenet and there was a draw for 10 prizes – Contigo bottles. Congratulations to Landon Bouchard, Jeremy Poisson, Archer Crosby, Vinny Moorman, Chantelle O’Donovan, Kiera Capelle, Hailey Marion, Hannah Hansen, Dalton Snel and Braden Van Tassel!

The Library web site is still attached to the DCSS website. We are doing my best to keep it updated (It is not easy and a big learning curve!). Selections of books that are new to the library are placed here, plus study tips and ideas. Please check it out.


Two District-wide study resources that are available to the students at the school or at home are EBSCO which is also used at colleges and universities, and World Book online. The best part about these resources is they are available anywhere there is wifi using a phone or a computer.

Library Usage

Our usage in the first half of the first semester has been strong. The first week of school was slow but it really picked up.

Are you an Alumni of South Peace?

We have started an archival project in the form of a web site for South Peace. We are doing interviews, digitizing yearbooks, photographs and old newspaper articles, as well as uploading school videos and other pieces of memorabilia that we have. We are currently looking for yearbooks older than 1964, photos of school activities, as well as memorabilia that we can preserve through photographs. All items will be returned.

If you are willing to be interviewed or know of a reunion coming up, please let me, Jennifer Fox, know. We are hoping to interview as many people as possible – students, teachers, support staff, custodians, etc. –about their recollections.

Email me at jfox@sd59.bc.ca

‘Hey, Why are you late?'

We are in the process of assessing the number of absences and the number of tardy classes our students have. It is our intention to determine the ‘Why’ behind student attendance and tardiness. We ask students to complete a Late Slip for each class they show up late. Students are asked to describe why they are late in writing. We hope to determine the common reasons why students arrive late. Knowing why the students are late is the first step in determining what can or should be done to support students getting to class on time.

We wonder if the concession offers enough choice for students? We hear the line-ups at the concession are too long. Does the need to purchase coffee and other beverages like pop or energy drinks cause our students to be tardy? We often make assumptions about our students’ behaviours based on what we see as students enter classes late. We hope the written data our students provide will tell us a story that may help us to help our students.

We will begin sharing data about attendance in assemblies and in upcoming newsletters. We hope the data sharing will result in conversations about attendance and the value of attendance at school.

Movember, Kindness Meters, Shelter Boxes and More.

South Peace Campus students actively engage in many socially conscious activities that are designed to help others. Our students have been responsible for raising thousands of dollars for a variety of excellent charities! Our students donate hundred of hours each year for worthy events. Please consider supporting the Movember Movement through the South Peace Campus, ask questions about Shelter Boxes and think about donating change to a Kindness Meter! Every little bit helps!

For Students, By Students!

A number of students have been working to plan and put on the assemblies scheduled throughout the school year. We have eight school-wide assemblies planned for the year. Students have already planned the two assemblies that have taken place to date. The intention of the assemblies is to provide students with information, to gather information and to celebrate students. We hope to continue to build a positive school culture through the assemblies as well. The planning group has invited community members (Child Youth Mental Heath, RCMP, City Counselors, etc.) to the assemblies to share information about what is available in the community for youth. The community members have also and will also share information about ways youth can get involved in helping to make Dawson Creek an ever greater place to live.

The assembly-planning group also took responsibility for planning the Remembrance Ceremony. Hannah Brunn, Eryn Minifie, Erykah Brown and Jayden Mayoh made the ceremony especially meaningful by writing messages about Remembrance connected to today’s youth; the students of the South Peace Campus.

Student Photographers: We have a number of students who are passionate about photography. A group of our passionate photographers is working to take pictures of all things South Peace Campus. The photos will be used for the annual yearbook and will be posted on the television screens that are located around the school. We hope to capture what life is like at the South Peace Campus. Great things happen here on a daily basis and we want people to see our character and culture through our pictures.


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