Summer Delaney russell

Pop is the best refresher for summer time.

The best feeling in the ocean.

How much beauty is on the outside.

The secret of a tree.

The secret of that one feeling when you get in the water.

The coolest thing about the ocean.

the best sport during summer.

Basketball is the best indoor sport.

The secret of the flower.

The coolest bridge.

Cherries are the best kind of snack.

The secret of really what's inside of a flower.

Swimming and seeing the wonders of the world.

Bike riding is so fun.


Created with images by jill111 - "summer pool woman" • jill111 - "summer pool woman" • NeuPaddy - "wave atlantic pacific" • Jeremy A.A. Knight - "Flower" • werner22brigitte - "forest sunbeams trees" • GASSL - "Emerald Lake canoe" • lpittman - "divers underwater ocean" • cmaccubbin - "Bump Up" • KeithJJ - "basketball net score" • stux - "gladiolus sword flower iridaceae" • paul bica - "toronto sunrise" • jill111 - "cherries in a bowl fruit summer" • editzohar - "poppy central summer" • Library Lady Amy - "Just keep swimming" • Pexels - "active bike biker"

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