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The Adobe Spark apps are free on the web or for mobile devices and are great for teachers and students to create and share expressive visual stories with impact.

A Spark Post is an image optimized for social media. If you are going to be posting ideas or links (including links to Video and Page stories), then Post will create the compelling attention-grabber that you’ll need. Spark searches for images on services like Flickr, Unsplash, and Pixabay. Searches will only retrieve images that are tagged as Creative Commons.

Use Post for fun famous quotes
Make a post for an event announcement

A Spark Video is a narrated movie, best suited for oral presentations—the type of storytelling that you may have previously used slideshow software for.

Spark Video Examples:

A Spark Page is a highly visual text based story, think of it as the word processor you wish you had when you were in school. It is ideally suited for text-based projects that involve lots of images. (Paralyx scrolling pages—HTML5)

Spark Page Examples:

Logins and Accounts

Adobe Spark requires an account and login. Logins are used to sync content across devices as well as to backup content to Adobe cloud storage. Children under the age of 13 have not been allowed to create their own Adobe ID needing them to sign in with an account created by and supervised by a teacher or parent. Sign in with social media accounts is also supported (if using Google classroom, can use Google ID). NOW, if your school has the capability to use Single Sign On (SSO), the "under age 13" accounts issue is negated.

If the new SSO login which started in April 2018 is not an option at your location, here are login Tips from Adobe Education Leaders in K–12 who use Spark:

Mike Skocko: "...teachers in our high school have their kids login with their Google ID (we're a 1 to 1 GAFE district)..."

Bob Regan: "One trick is to create aliases using your gmail account. With gmail, you can create an alias just by adding '+stuname'. So if my gmail is gr8tchr@gmail.com, I could create accounts using emails like gr8tchr+17_student1@gmail.com and gr8tchr+17_student2@gmail.com. All validation and correspondence comes to your gmail address, which is a pain, but all supervised. It is a nifty feature of gmail."

Fred Benitez: "I took the time to create accounts for students and it was worth it. I used the google + 1 option and had groups of 4 students to an account. We were able to include some discussions and practice on digital citizenship."

Mali Bickley: "I had a class login and we all shared it. Took some time to trust and train, but it worked."

Spark Resources:

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