Adolf Hitler By: Manny

Adolf Hitler was a warrior, a leader, and a psycho, all of these things describe him. Adolf Hitler was an important famous German. He also made a couple important contributions.

Adolf Hitler had many important characteristics. One of those characteristics is that he was racist, he hated Jews, would do anything to kill them all. Another characteristic is bold, Hitler was bold enough to start WWII. He also was daring to be an nazi.

Adolf Hitler made some important contributions such as making the national socialist movement. He also made the enabling act. Adolf hitler was also an politician.

Hitler was one of the most famous germans. He was famous for starting WWII. He also got a silver medal (first class and second) while being an privet. Adolf Hitler also lead the nazi party.

Adolf Hitler had some important experiences. One of those was starting WWII. Another was being one of the founders of the nazi party. One last one was getting the silver medal (first class and second) while being an privet.

I admire an few things about Adolf Hitler. One of those things are that he was bold. Another thing was that he was clever. Finally the last thing I admire about him is that he was daring.


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